Eritrea Foiling Wars by Other Means

Eritrea Foiling Wars by Other Means
Amanuel Biedemariam

The Tigrayan Minority apartheid regime is crumbling, falling- apart and is at the precipice of total annihilation. That is welcome news for the people of Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea.

Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) betrayed Eritrea. Betting on the fall of government of Eritrea and with the support of their western handlers, the late master-traitor in-chief Meles Zenawi was on a quest to destroy Eritrea once and for all.

In 1999, while waging senseless war and mass deportation, the ruthless genocidal Meles Zenawi, when asked about the deportation of Eritreans bragged,

“When we say go because we don’t like the color of your eyes, you must go.” And proceeded with heinous acts throughout his reign.

The Tigrayan minority regime is responsible for the lives of over 20,000 youth. The TPLF waged successive wars that lasted three years and internally displaced nearly one million Eritreans. The TPLF robbed Eritrean businesses and forcefully deported 80,000 Eritreans from their homes in Ethiopia in a manner designed to humiliate and demean them. And so on…

Eritrea foiled successive military campaigns and frustrated the regime and its sponsors. And as time went on, Tigrayan minority clan realized conventional war alone was not going to defeat Eritrea. Thence, Meles recycled methods his predecessors used. Divide, weaken and rule. Meles pulled all stops to accomplish regime change and to control Eritrea. His favorite move, try to elevate Eritrean quisling league, make them feel relevant and give them marching orders. He invited them to Menelik Palace to give orders that they follow to this day. One by one these traitors took pictures with genocidal war-criminal that brutalized mothers, kids and families.

Meles’s approach was a saving grace to the treasonous lost-souls like Tesfaldet Meharena, Amaniel Iyasu, and the Awate fundamentalist extremist-klan Salih G-hadi who like to pursue TPLF’s agenda. Eritrea divided by region, ethnicity, politics and religion.

One message Meles wanted to send Eritreans is that they are welcome back to Ethiopia to regain properties he took. And he exploited these traitors to pass-on this message. And slowly, some greedy, immoral, irresponsible, traitors started to go to Addis Ababa to reclaim their property.

Meles’s next move was Eritrean youth. He expanded his message to encourage youth flight from inside Eritrea. This is another assault on Eritrea. Countless Eritrean youth were displaced with false promises. Kids were wooed by speedy asylum promise in Europe and North America. They enticed thousands of kids to flee their homes and fell prey to TPLF’s human trafficking rings.

The Tigrayan clan did all they can to destroy Eritrea. The amount of resources wasted, time spent hatching ill strategies, time spent lobbying/bullying African leaders, time lost colluding with western powers and money spent could have changed Ethiopia and the region for better. The crowning achievement of the TPLF is the sanction they colluded with Susan Rice to pass.

Every Eritrean must ask what were the purposes of the sanction? What did they want to achieve?

Sanctions are designed to be the worst forms of death sentence. It is slow painful death. It is designed to tear apart nations piece by piece. It is designed to frustrate people and encourage them to rise against their leaders and governments. It is designed to decimate institutions. It is hostile act designed to weaken and render nations defenseless. That is what arms embargo mean. It is a declaration of war. It is continuation of the war. It is not designed to help or bring better future for any nation. It is war by other means.
Think about the size of army Eritrea is forced to deploy on the border with Ethiopia and Djibouti. Think about length of time the youth are forced to spend in Asab, in the heat. Think about the money that Eritrea is forced to spend on the military. Think about the economic hardship, the banking restrictions the sanctions brought on the system. Think about lost-opportunities to develop tourism; industrial development opportunities curtailed as result, shortages of electricity and water people are forced to endure. Think about medicine, education etc.

In short Eritrea was blocked from conducting trade. The arms embargo denies Eritrea the right to self-defense. The sanction denied Eritrea from conducting regular international business and banking related activities. And since the arms embargo uses broad language and parameters, it is impossible to determine what constitutes ARMS. Worse yet, countries have no recourse or ways to get justice or fight the sanctions. Lynching by other means.

The government and people of Eritrea knew this. On a recent seminar in Washington DC, His Excellency Foreign Minister Osman Saleh told Eritreans, “We bought machinery for developmental projects and we are not able to get delivery because many countries are afraid to violate the sanction.” Hence, machinery designed to better lives are not available for the people.

However, Eritrea weathered these challenges with balance. In one hand defending, and on the other building future under extreme duress. If there is one word that describe Eritrea over the last 19 years, it is RESILIENCE. The people of Eritrea showed unprecedented level of patience, determination, doggedness and resilience.
The brilliance of Eritrea was demonstrated slowly but surely. Eritrea managed to weaken all enemies and the tools they used against her. The minority clique is in its death bed on respirator as a result. Suddenly, countries that used the Tigrayan Minority clique as a tool/stick, namely Washington and western partners found, their hands to be ineffective and agendas they used against Eritrea backfired.

Shifting Trajectories                                                                                                                         The minority Tigrayan regime in Ethiopia is no longer what Western powers intended it to be. Washington worked hard to make Ethiopia anchor state to direct its agendas in the region and beyond. Washington wanted to use Ethiopian army as extension to of US army. However, today, it is clear to US representatives, State Department and the Pentagon; working its agenda through the minority regime will not bear fruit. Washington is clear about this now.

The TPLF is mired in internal power struggle. Aa result, some are leaving the party, some got demoted and accusations of corruption against high ranking officials such as Bereket Simon persist. The regime is faced with internal crisis creating fear about the future.
For example, on October 6, Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw who came to the US for global security coalition against ISIS absconded and asked for asylum in the US. This is high ranking army officer US military depended-on to fight ISIS and the war on terror. This could-not give American military leaders confidence because it is an indicator of much larger rift within the regime’s military.

As the uprising gain-momentum and strength, the minority apartheid regime is losing grip. Money is running out faster than they can count. Hard currency in Ethiopia is none existent. The country is forced to sell sugar at a loss to Kenya to acquire hard currency. Foreign investors are forced to flee because their investments are burning. Turkey, China, India and others are losing investments in areas of protests. TPLF is losing control of the nation as it is unable to protect international investments. This demonstrate government’s inability to control the nation.

Worse yet, the biggest investor in Ethiopia, Mohammed Al Amoudi is in Saudi jail for corruption. On a recent piece, “Sheik Mohamed Al Amoudi Arrest in Saudia and its Implications to Ethiopia,” Nov 5, 2017, this author penned,

“It is the biggest disruption that the TPLF has ever seen. It is disruption that will destroy the banking system. The vast sums of money he controlled worked as engine for many sectors of the country’s economy and way of life. It is certain all his money was controlled by him and the TPLF cannot and will not have access to it. As a result, shortage of hard currency will worsen. Secondly, Al Amoudi has vast array of services and hundreds of thousands of employees that work for him in agriculture, Agro-processing, educating and training, plastic/ product, building, construction, metal work, mining, transportation, retail, management, health system to mention some. These are institutions with extensive spin-off effect in the economies of the regions they operate. These are institutions that directly affect the way the country operates. The arrest of Al Amoudi is therefore certain to disrupt the flow of these institutions immediately because the controller of the money is Al Amoudi. Disruption of money-flow will undoubtedly be immediate, and it will impact payroll and operations. That means Midroc-Ethiopia, Al Amoudi’s conglomerate in Ethiopia will disintegrate. In other words, the people that work for him will soon find themselves unemployed.”

Money is also running out because Europe is facing internal political and economic hardship. And the policies they pursued became a major reason for the influx of refugees that created instability in many parts of Europe. As a result, and due to continuous human rights violations by the Ethiopia regime, Europe is not as generous as they once were.

Tigrayan Minority Clique’s Moves Debunked
In 1998-2000, when the TPLF waged wars against Eritrea, it managed to turn Ethiopian people against Eritrea. Today, the minority clique is being hunted by the people of Ethiopia who want to cooperate with Eritrea. The army is divided. High-level government officials and military officers are defying the regime publicly and defecting. These are the realities in Ethiopia today.

The minority Tigrayan clique tried to manage the army and Ethiopian affairs by applying divide and rule tactic. They tried to destroy nationalism by employing federal system designed to divide. TPLF created satellite political parties based on ethnic identities. TPLF established loyal satellite businesses and administrative personnel that serve its needs.

These corrupt personalities have acted as thermostat to control situations throughout the nation. They are there to inform, advise, bribe, appease, threaten, kill or an anything they deemed necessary to maintain the status quo.
After 26 years of abuse, Ethiopians have said enough and have learned to fight it. They are burning businesses, factories and trucks and have placed the agents on notice further diminishing the reach TPLF enjoyed for a while.

TPLF’s agenda in Somalia failed. TPLF invaded Somalia for temporary gain at the expense of the future of the region. It helped mess up Somalia. The crimes against humanity the genocidal regime committed is biblical in proportion with lasting sting.
In South Sudan the regime made a mess of US-agenda and helped it descend to chaos and civil war.

The only saving grace the regime has is Sudan. Omar Hassan al-Bashir is the only strategic partner that it can rely on.

The TPLF once used the UN, UNSC and EU, it exploited African Union (AU) headquarters to do its bidding. With help of Susan Rice and others the TPLF managed to embed its agendas and did damage.

However, today, shifting alliances in the Middle East, war in Yemen, the election of Donald Trump and other developments have changed the geopolitical dynamics and made the Tigrayan minority regime irrelevant.

This historic momentum is pushing Washington to reassess its policies and change course not only in Ethiopia but the region. It is a moment in history when policies of EU and other countries are shifting drastically.

Thus, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, EPRDF’s rule in Ethiopia can-no longer assert its authority, be effective diplomatically, maintain trade relations, keep its fiscal house in order, contain and sustain institutions of the country.

The TPLF did not cultivate nationalism. It cultivated ethnic nationalism. And naturally, the military reflects the makeup of the nation. The apartheid TPLF regime is from Tigray, a region that represent 6% of Ethiopia’s 100,000, 000 population. Yet, 95% of the command post is controlled by individuals from Tigray. No one Ethiopian considers the army to be the representative of the nation. It is not Ethiopian army. Hence, TPLF cannot wage wars with army it cannot manage confidently. It is mercenary military that works for global powers in the name of Ethiopia. Exiled Ethiopian air force pilot was quoted as saying,

“If I die while serving TPLF, I died as mercenary not as Ethiopian soldier!”

The TPLF waged sustained military campaigns against Eritrea and failed. It has done all it can to topple the leadership and failed. The TPLF has long acknowledged No War No Peace strategy failed. Sanctions and all the subversive activities have failed and backfired. It is desperate for a way out. And to find solutions it has been meeting in Tigray for over a month.

Eritrea remains their focal point. The Tigrayan clique still believes, if they can somehow inflict damage and topple Eritrea, all their woes disappear. But the only option left, is trying to create division between Eritreans by any means necessary. To that end, and as a last-ditch effort, multi-pronged strategy to attack the unity and harmony of Eritrea is currently at play.

On one hand, TPLF is campaigning for the hearts and minds of Eritreans. While on the other, TPLF is actively funding, arming extremist religious groups, exploiting few regionalists and pressing for more sanctions to push its agendas.
They have targeted Eritrean culture and music to disarm Eritreans in the diaspora. To that end, TPLF is recruiting Eritrean musicians to play alongside Ethiopians. Social media is abuzz with Eritrea Ethiopia peace messages. They are actively courting Eritrean students in universities all around US and Canada to create “Habasha” Abyssinia grouping.

But can these approaches succeed? How can they expect Eritreans to forget what the Tigrayan minority apartheid clique has done? How can they expect Eritreans to forget, 20,000 dead? How can they expect to win friendship while they are actively trying to extend sanctions designed to hurt Eritreans?

Concluding Remarks                                                                                                                      War by other means is psychological-warfare, economic-warfare, it is war against culture and nationalism. The TPLF employed all its resources and played zero-sum game that it has no chance of winning. In the process, inflicted unnecessary suffering in the region. Today, biggest problem Ethiopia and the region face is the TPLF and its stubborn desire to continue this path.

Tigrayan minority apartheid clique is desperate because they are staring at the open gates of hell. Their grip is long-gone. They have lost control, no money, no geopolitical leverage except the mercenary military that brutalizes people. Even the TPLF agents in the diaspora are in hiding because people are exposing those who received asylum with false statements as Eritreans.

Eritrea is on the other hand, is on a much better path. The hardest and most difficult sting of all their attempts are behind her. Electrification, water resources, agriculture, education, medicine and all the campaigns designed to place Eritrea on a path of development are in place. The foundation for growth and the platform for the future are laid with Eritrean ingenuity and might.

Peace is the only viable option. Hence, all affected must work together to rid of this vermin.
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Mohamed Al Amoudi Arrest in Saudia and its Implications to Ethiopia

Sheik Mohamed Al Amoudi Arrest in Saudia and its Implications to Ethiopia

Amanuel Biedemariam
Over the years, particularly from 1991 until now, one of the key players that helped shape the political dynamics of the region is Mohammad al-Amoudi. Sheik Al-Amoudi appeared on the seen in 1991 when Eritrea achieved independence and when Eritrea handed Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) the key to Minelik Palace.

Al Amoudi’s First choice was Asmara Eritrea. He came with millions, if not billions of dollars and offered to invest in many areas. Eritrea rejected his offers instantly. The leaders of Eritrea astutely picked up on what his investments meant long term and kicked him out of Eritrea. Because they knew these investments are ploy with the aim of taking control of the nation.

He then went to Ethiopia and became the 2nd most important figure after Meles Zenawi. The TPLF did not hesitate to embrace Al Amoudi. They did not care how much he invested if he invested. They did not care what his motives were and its long-term implications. They did not set boundaries and regulations that govern his activities. They simply handed him key to the nation. They gave him key to all of Ethiopia’s resources including mining, allowed him to build and establish businesses everywhere. They gave him free reign to hire and create alliances in the nation.

Al Amoudi, in short, was the destination (Sheraton Hotel Addis), and the man with connections to the international system. He became the top employer in vast array of fields. After the government, Al Amoudi was the second biggest employer. He had established effective system in all areas. If one is to look at the variety of businesses Midroc Ethiopia conducts, it is limitless.

In the west, none of these activities can be allowed because they run to anti-trust and monopoly rules violations. Al Amoudi however, was running a country with-in a country. He owned communication facilities, established educational programs with curriculums that reflect his needs and values. He run farms, animal husbandry, he run construction companies, consulting firms and banking infrastructures. He run medical institutions and the list is endless.

In short, Al Amoudi controlled communication, employment, banking and vast resources with money and influence. But why did TPLF allow him to have this much access and control? and that is because, a) they did not have much of a choice because they were clueless to the international seen and, b) they were confident, he had nowhere to go. So, they gave him free reign so to exploit him. It was marriage made in heaven.

During the Eritrea Ethiopia war 1998-2000, Al Amoudi was key player. During the war, the TPLF had no idea how to do PR, how to Lobby, how to exert influence in Washington DC. Al Amoudi understood the legal, political, PR needs of the regime and assisted them significantly. He funded, directed and pressed all the Anti Eritrea campaigns and bullied Ethiopians that opposed the regime and his ways, with frivolous lawsuits.

Al Amoudi knew and controlled all personalities that shape Ethiopia, culturally, musically, politically, socially, legally and economically. He controlled the people financially. He controlled musicians, soccer players, members of the royal family and actors. He controlled business people and opinion makers all over the world. There are people that get payed to sit loyal without doing any work, to be cheerleaders.

His influence is remarkable. His people are loyal and will not do anything to antagonize him or the regime. If one has close relation to his circles they are guaranteed success. There are many Ethiopians that oppose the regime but will not dare utter a word for fear of alienation.

Therefore, the news of his arrest is a huge deal. It is significant event in the history of the region and Ethiopia. This is an event that will quicken the demise of the TPLF as he was a significant player and ardent supporter. Al Amoudi has openly bragged that he is Weyane. But, what is the impact, repercussions?

It is the biggest disruption that the TPLF has ever seen. It is disruption that will destroy the banking system. The vast sums of money he controlled worked as engine to many sectors of the country’s economy and way of life. It is certain all his money was controlled by him and the TPLF cannot and will not have access to it. As a result, shortage of hard currency will worsen.

Secondly, Al Amoudi has vast array of services and hundreds of thousands of employees that work for him. Agriculture, and Agro-processing group, educating and training group, plastic/ product group, building, construction, metal work, mining, transportation, retail, management, health system groups to mention some. These are institutions with extensive spin-off effect in the economies of the regions they operate. These are institution that directly affect the way the country operates.

The arrest of Al Amoudi is therefore certain to disrupt the flow of these institutions immediately because the controller of the money is Al Amoudi. Disruption of money-flow will undoubtedly be immediate, and it will impact payroll and operations. That means Midroc-Ethiopia, Al Amoudi conglomerate in Ethiopia will disintegrate. In other words, the people that work for him will soon find themselves unemployed.

Al Amoudi was devoted Weyane. He made it clear with his actions, money and verbally for years that he is number one supporter of the regime. Therefore, indirectly, the people that worked for him supported Weyane.

At the current climate in Ethiopia working with Weyane is not a good idea. What can the employees of Al Amoudi do? I think the first thing is to side with the people. It is time for redemption.

Mohamed Al Amoudi is not a businessman. His arrest shows he was much bigger than that. He was a major player at a national and international level. He was agent of gulf states that wanted to assert control by other means. He was a perfect agent at that. He spoke Ethiopian language, he claimed to share the heritage by birth and he had access to unlimited money tied to the monarchy. He was the extension of their reign and did a great job until the recent events. The GCC conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar placed him at odds with the Saudi’s because at this juncture Qatar is heavily invested in Ethiopia.

This is also an indication that the reign of terror by the minority Tigrayan regime can come to abrupt halt and send the country on downward uncontrollable spiral. Hence it is incumbent on all stake holders to understand the magnitude and reach-out to his supporters.

Martin Plaut is Giving Journalism a Black Eye

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Eritrea’s existence as a sovereign nation, and a full member of the United Nations, is a product of the hard-working, independent, resilient, and self-reliant people that overcame all odds and came out victorious.

Martin Plaut, is a western agent of death, propagandist that claims to be a journalist. He has been on the quest to undo hard won independence and to see the endless suffering of the Eritrean people.

Martin Plaut is accustomed to get in-and-out of African countries in pursuit of western agendas with specific missions. In other words, he is an agent of the US and UK foreign services. Per his biography, he “has advised the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the US State Department.”

No more proof is required to show that he is an agent of destruction who operates as a journalist. In most cases his primary focus is the regime change agenda in countries which the powers to be have deemed them as being non-compliant.
Eritrea is his full-time obsession. His writing is always a campaign that aims to achieve regime change. It is impossible to find an individual with the kind of persistence and determination as he has shown for so long. It has been 18 years since he targeted Eritrea. His biased, vitriolic venomous blubbers, writing, organizing, tweets and related social media campaign is unprecedented.

In short, he has destroyed all norms and standards of journalism. It is irresponsible activism the like of which we have never seen. It is a targeted attack that aims to demean Eritrea and her achievements. It is harassment of Eritrean Diaspora population. It is incitement that aims to pin Eritreans against one another.

Martin Plaut is an agent who lies about Eritrea consistently. He makes outlandish statements that have no foundation on truth. 1:16 PM – 29 Nov 2012, he twitted,

Martin Plaut @martinplaut: “Eritrea votes against a Palestinian state at the UN. What does this tell us about Eritrea’s foreign support from Israel?”

Martin Plaut @martinplaut: “Eritrea votes against a Palestinian state at the UN. What does this tell us about Eritrea’s foreign support from Israel?”

In disbelief, The Counsellor of the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations in New York Mr. Nebil Seid was compelled to respond:

“@martinplaut as a distinguished journalist you have 2 check facts before tweeting how could Eritrea voted against before the voting take place” — Nebil Said (@nebilsaid) November 29, 2012

This is the rubbish that the self-anointed anti Eritrea propagandist spreads regularly without reservation or fear of repercussion. That is because journalism has lost its ways. There is no accountability for what he writes and it is impossible to determine whether it is opinion piece or well researched verifiable news.

“@nebilsaid Good point. Let’s see how the votes go.
— Martin Plaut (@martinplaut)” November 29, 2012

The Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times and the like are in the forefront. They embrace the agendas and methodology that the likes of Plaut exercise and use to further greater agendas of the west. If one follows New York Times and Washington Post regularly, it is easy to see that they mirror each other.

Number of #Eritrea refugees pumped up: #frontex 2616 report #eu
— Negari Haqi (@NegariHaqi) December 13, 2016

It is agenda driven campaign under the banner of journalism. It is vicious, and relentless. A few days before the Eritrean Minister of Information, Yemane Gebremeskel, addressed the European Union, the propagandist Plaut started a petition drive to stop the Minister from attending the EU. He wrote,

“We strongly urge the EP to not allow itself becoming a forum for a campaign of misinformation waged by a high-ranking official of a tyrannical regime, accused of committing crimes against humanity. We are calling for this meeting to be cancelled based on the following major concerns.” And went on with his lies.

The author of this article had considered responding to the petition-drive. However, knowing how impotent his campaigns have become, decided to ignore the petition. And sure-enough the petition failed to raise significant signatures. The petition speaks loud to the fact that Plaut is not acting as an independent, unbiased journalist.

Similarly, on Jan 11, 2016 in a piece that headlined, “The World’s Next Crisis: Drought and Famine in the Horn of Africa,” he wrote,

“These warnings cover only Ethiopia. There is every indication that the situation in neighboring Eritrea (as well as tiny Djibouti) is just as severe. The difference is this: the Ethiopian authorities have had the courage to call for help. The Eritrean government has not.”

The government and people of Eritrea have been building dams everywhere in the country for decades to ensure food and water security. In Eritrea, food security is a national security issue and as such it is the number one priority. The quoted statement highlights Plaut’s intention to demonize Eritrea without proof, facts and by insinuation.
The reality is the situation in Eritrea cannot and should never be compared to Ethiopia for the simple fact, despite all defamation and vilification, the people of Eritrea are educated and capable to manage their needs without resorting to foreign aid. If left alone to be, Eritrea will be by far the greatest nation in Africa. After World War II, Eritrea and South Africa were the most advanced countries in Africa. However, US and UK’s ambitions dashed the hopes and aspirations of the people to ensure their larger strategic interest in the region and Africa and to that end they placed Ethiopia in the center.

Everything the biased, agent-of-death, fraud Martin Plaut does is part of a greater agenda that aims to vilify, demonize Eritrea, and justify their punitive measures as dictated by his paymasters. However, regardless of what he and his ilk try, they were met by a feisty Eritrean resistance that is exposing them daily.

This raises the greater question on what journalism is and what is the criteria that distinguishes a journalist? How is it possible to call someone who advises government entities, organizes and campaigns in collaboration with known regime change advocates, to be referred to as a ‘journalist’? He is playing the accuser, prosecutor, and the judge all at the same time.

For now, I will leave-out the bizarre fact where various government departments and authorities consult with someone they refer to as an “expert on Eritrea”, when he has not set foot in the country for more than a decade. It can be a subject for another day.
Furthermore, where can the public and the victims of rogue journalism find justice particularly in an international arena where there exist no uniform standard or laws to protect the aggrieved? As it stands now, Martin Plaut is free to harass Eritrean communities with impunity under the banner of journalism sponsored by globally known media conglomerates such as the Guardian.

The people of Eritrea have faced and keep facing the most organized vilification and demonizing campaign in the history of Africa. Amazingly, buttressed by decades of experiences, in ways the world has never seen, Eritrea managed to challenge and defeat their destabilization agendas.

Eritrea managed to survive the wars they ignited, international legal hurdles they erected, illegal sanctions, unfounded rights allegations, and incessant lies. Diaspora Eritrea has played incredible role by challenging the falsehoods and their organized campaigns. The world could learn from Eritrean Diaspora communities on how to challenge organized western campaigns that are used to destabilize countries in the name of human rights.

Journalism is dying because it is being murdered by irresponsible and agenda-driven clowns such as Martin Plaut.

One thing that ought to be clear to the blood thirsty masked white supremacist Martin Plaut is that paper tigers will never bring down Eritrea!