Amanuel Biedemariam Interview with Voice of Eritrea DC


On Saturday April 7,  I was interviewed by  VOE-DC to discuss Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed  of  Ethiopia, its implications to Ethiopia, Eritrea and the region. We discussed the implications of his selection, analyzed his address to the parliament and what he tried to achieve with the speech, whom he tried to speak to and the messages he tried to convey.

Voice of Eritrea DC just celebrated its twentieth anniversary on March. VOE-DC has been a staple for Eritrean community during one of the most trying moments in the history of the young nation and diaspora Eritrean community that did all it can to support Eritrea in any way they can and have done incredible job.

VOE-DC is operated by volunteers and it stands because of the support of the community. It is time to give it all the support, revamp and bring it up to the level it deserves in order to serve the community in the way they should.

That is up to all members of the community because everything Eritrea does stands because of the people working as one. It is time!



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