The Fall of TPLF and the Quislings League

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

The biggest mistake the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) ever made was to pick a fight against the people of Eritrea. It was a mistake to betray Eritrea, betray EPLF. It was historic miscalculation that will cost them for a long time to come. Their moves were short sighted, poorly thought-out and it was a gamble of historic proportions that they lost. They gambled everything at their disposal to defeat Eritrea so they can dominate but lost everything.

The TPLF confidently gambled, thinking, as long as the US is on their side, any nation-let alone a nation coming out of liberation struggle cannot stand a chance against the wrath of the US. The TPLF gambled they can kill Eritrea in her infancy before gaining any footing. They lost that gamble. Because Eritrea is standing and standing tall as they crumble.

The Tigrayan-TPLF led regime in Ethiopia, in cooperation with Washington, gambled that they can disarm Eritrean nationalism by demoralizing, discouraging and making Eritreans feel helpless using psychological warfare strategies for nearly 20 years and failed. The best such example is when the TPLF expelled 80,000 Eritreans out of Ethiopia in the most humiliating fashion masterminded by the late Meles Zenawi, who, when asked why Eritreans that lived in Ethiopia for decades are deported; he answered, “If we don’t like the color of their eyes we will deport them.” That was done to demoralize but the gamble failed because they are now contributing to the development of Eritrea.

The TPLF assumed ethnic and religious divide will tear Eritrea apart. They also believed if Ethiopia stops trading with Eritrea, the economy will collapse in no time. TPLF gambled, under pressure Eritrea will collapse in six months. Eritrea is still standing and standing tall.

As continuation of the military campaigns of 1998-2000, the TPLF aligned with Sudan and Yemen to encircle Eritrea and suffocate her out of existence. The alliance was short lived because Eritrea masterminded brilliant Sudan strategy based on savvy military and political maneuvers that brought President Beshir to his senses and won Eritrea a prominent strategic space inside Sudan. This was another miscalculation and yes, TPLF gambled with the strength of Sudan and Yemen and failed.

The Tigaryan led regime exploited instability in Somalia first by invading the helpless nation on December 25, 2006 and secondly by connecting Eritrea to Al Shabab with lies that ultimately led to Eritrean sanctions. The battery on the people of Somalia by TPLF was relentless. It was genocide that will impact Somalia for a long time.

Now, the world knows Eritrea has nothing to do with Al-Shabab. What is lost, however, is the regional agenda of economic integration through cooperation and under the umbrella of one regional group and ultimately Africa. Of course, the minority regime was acting as a puppet to its masters. However, their unprincipled prostitution has led to countless deaths and set back the region’s economic potential by decades. This was yet another gamble that they lost. It is like a slot machine that gives you pennies and take away all your money. The TPLF gambled away the future of the region for temporary gain so they can get paid as UN African peace keeping force.

TPLF regime was relentless and did all it can to bring Eritrea to her knees. TPLF exploited UN, undermined agreement it signed with Eritrea, occupied Eritrean territories that it refuses to vacate, declared no-war, no-peace situation and pursued regime change against Eritrea openly.

The TPLF used its leverage in Djibouti and enlisted the leadership against Eritrea. The TPLF and Djibouti waged military campaigns against Eritrea in June of 2008 and were defeated badly. They ignited the conflict and turned around and blamed Eritrea. This was designed to make Eritrea look like the aggressor. Soon thereafter the Bush Administration pushed Arab league (AL) and some African countries to condemn Eritrea at the UN automatically without any investigation. At the time the Arab League was another puppet organization that parroted the Bush administration. In fact, the AL worked against its interests. Lo and behold, Eritrea outmaneuvered the schemers. And whose side are the Arab League with today? TPLF’s gamble failed.

TPLF’s mischief on the people of Eritrea are countless to detail. The Tigrayan led minority regime in Ethiopia tried to do serious damage to the economy, youth and life of the people of Eritrea. It tried to setback Eritrea’s development strategies by disrupting Eritrean life. TPLF tried to disrupt all aspects of Eritrean life negatively by tying Eritrean workforce on the border to defend their nation instead of serving the nation to rebuild. That is another gamble. The TPLF undermined Eritrean resolve to its detriment.
When TPLF started war the entire Ethiopian population was misled to side with the minority Tigrayan regime against Eritrea. Today, the entire Ethiopian population has sided with Eritrea. After the war failed as continuation No-war-no-peace strategy of attrition was initiated. Eritrea rendered the No-war-no -peace strategy mute and motionless. Eritrea’s resolve is tried and true. This was another futile gamble TPLF lost.

The Cowards, Scalawags and Quisling League’s Demise

As part of its asymmetric warfare against Eritrea, the Tigrayan led minority regime enlisted few disgruntled Eritreans to do its dirty bids. These are true losers in every sense. Shameless brutes that saw no shame in working with Tigrayans that are hell-bent to turn Eritrea into hell on earth.

These quisling-league-gangsters are unabashed in their betrayal in pursuit of ill-conceived agendas-based on regionalism, extremist-religious views, nepotism, greed and sheer hunger for power. These traitors are gambling partners to the TPLF.

They gambled against Eritrea. They tried to gamble away hard won independence, Eritrean nationalism, Eritrea’s future, and gambled with the lives of Eritrea’s youth and gambled in the name of Eritrea with the life of Eritreans everywhere in the world.

Whilst they are the smallest fish in the pond; they tried to seal indelible mark on the future of Eritrea. To mention some:

  • Alongside their Tigrayan TPLF masters, they campaigned the US State Department and demonstrated to urge US authorities to stop food aid in the midst of the 2000 war with the TPLF.
  • At the behest of their masters in Europe and the US, they waged sustained campaigns against Eritrea to destroy Eritrea’s name, reputation, legacies and every value that nurtures Eritrean pride. They work extremely hard on all western, and TPLF initiated campaigns that are designed to destabilize Eritrea. They campaign to encourage Eritrean youth to flee and led many to the sea of death some are languishing in Tigray, in Sudan and all around the world as direct result of their campaigns. Contrary to their agenda the youth are going back and contributing to their nation’s developmental endeavors.
  • These are cowards that found comfort in the bosoms of TPLF’s monstrosity. These cowards pump their chests every opportunity they get from their homes in the west as if they own the world. When in reality they are the yes men and women of their Tigrayan masters. TPLF pays them stipends and their livelihood depends on it. These cowards can only do what their Tigrayan master’s order them to do.

True story. A person that fits the perfect definition of a loser went to AddisAbaba from Washington DC prior to the June 12, 2016 military campaign the TPLF waged against Eritrea. He went as part of the government on exile that the TPLF made-up to replace the government of Eritrea. He is now back in DC to his failed life.

These coward losers were, and remain integral part of all TPLF, Washington, Western campaigns against Eritrea. Human rights, COI, List of countries that sponsor terror, sanctions, campaigns to stop development aid, military intervention campaigns and the list could go on and it is endless. They are and have been in it 100%!

Eritrean Resolve, The Antidote

The people of Eritrea cannot gamble or make moves for temporary gain at the expense of the future and sell the principled stands that helped propel Eritrea to independence. The Eritrea path is unwavering as described well by the motto, “Let the camel march as the dogs bark.”

The dogs barked waving false flags, exploiting heroic names like Hamid Idris Awate and stealing and exploiting the names of Eritrea’s beloved cities like Asmara. They photographed with genocidal killer, the late TPLF chief-gambler TPLF gang leader Meles Zenawi as if they were in Hollywood with a celebrity.

The shelf life of the TPLF is short relative to the history of the world. Twenty-five or twenty-six years may feel like eternity. However, the gambles they made on the people of the region was serious but temporary. And they have lost and lost big.

Today, Ethiopia is awake and ready to gobble the minority criminal Tigrayan TPLF regime like a Thanks Giving turkey mercilessly. The people of Ethiopia now know clearly that the people and government of Eritrea are not the threat but friends. They know and understand the real threat is the TPLF and their minions that claim to be Eritreans.

The minions that the TPLF wanted to replace the government of Eritrea were at home in Addis Ababa. They were vacationing, building homes and doing business with the minority regime. Food for thought. What happens to an American that travelled to Cuba when US and Cuban relations were at odds? Well, those that travelled to Addis must have thought along those lines. Instead, they went and touted the developments TPLF made in Addis while deriding everything Eritrea. They did it because they believed that the TPLF will win. They gambled with the TPLF that the government of Eritrea will capitulate. They gambled and lost big.

Sudan was the first home of these coward quisling league carpetbaggers. However, when Sudan fixed its relations with Eritrea they thought home was Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. That quickly changed as all these countries realigned their positions and relations with Eritrea. Today, Ethiopia is out of reach and very far as the TPLF is being chased out of mainland Ethiopia. Where is their next home going to be? They will be homeless as there is no room for terrorists in the region because Eritrea is cleaning the region.


As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” What the Tigrayan minority TPLF clique and its coward minions partnered to achieve by gambling has failed. It failed because the people of Eritrea foiled it.

The unrelenting barrage of assault on the people Eritrea was in a sense a blessing in disguise that enriched the resolve of the people. The people of Eritrea know and understand, to thrive as nation they must withstand all kinds of pressures and stand tall by challenging the challenges head on. The people of Eritrea have answered the challenge and defeated the minority Tigray People’s Liberation Front and its coward minions. Today the TPLF is like a chicken with its head cut-off jumping from place to place headless until it dies


Ethiopia: Tigray, the Lava Lake of the Horn of Africa

Amanuel Biedemariam 

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), is leading the Tigray region to danger of civil strife, economic hardship and isolation. Prior to 1991, the province of Tigray was one of the poorest, most isolated hungry provinces of Ethiopia. After 27 years in power, the TPLF have positioned Tigray to become much worse than what it was prior to 1991.

Today, Tigray is like a volcanic crater filled with lava lake ready to explode, unleash it’s fiery-fury in every direction. It is isolated mountain without connection to the world trapped without direction and leadership. How did it get here?

Before it assumed power in 1991, the TPLF did one-good thing, partnered with Eritrea. That partnership propelled it to power. But as soon as it came to power, the TPLF turned on Eritrea and started a 20-year journey of conflict that led to death of countless youth displacement, hardships and economic losses.  

Certain it can bring Eritrea to her knees, the TPLF gambled on a zero-sum game and unleashed an all-out war to undo Eritrean independence in quest to become the hegemon of the region.

The TPLF exploited the war-on-terror campaign, long-standing US Ethiopia relations and colluded with Washington and unleashed a 20 year-long campaign and failed. TPLF’s actions lead to severed ties between Eritrea and Ethiopia. As result, traditional cross border exchanges, trade relations and social connection got disconnected.

TPLF’s hubris and short-sighted actions affected Ethiopia and the entire Horn of Africa (HOA) negatively. The atrocities in Somalia, Genocides in Ogaden, repression and killing in Oromo are examples of a regime out of control detached with its environs. The TPLF became occupying force of Ethiopia.

The best example of this is Gambela. Those who have not seen the documentary “Dead Monkeys Fear No Hyena,” must see to understand the depth of the penetrating impact the Tigrean led minority TPLF regime’s crimes against humanity openly.

In the name of development and growth, a national park the size of small country was given to Al Amoudi’s company Saudi Star. Which in turn destroyed the forest and turned it into farm-land that produced rice for export. In the process, the indigenous Anuak people were forced out of their homes and became refugees in South Sudan. Majority are displaced inside Ethiopia forced to live in makeshift camps outside their traditional comfort. With their traditional hunting grounds taken, they have no place to hunt and gather. And left with no choice they became workers on the rice fields of Saudi Star.

In Gambela city, the new settlers mostly Tigreans control the security, establishments, communication, transportation and all means of governance. The documentary shows with clarity, what an occupying force looks and acts like. It is a window to the exploitation and its impact on the environment and lives of the indigenous people.

These atrocities are not unique to Gambela. In June 2008, Human Rights Watch chronicled what it called, “War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in the Ogaden area of Ethiopia’s Somali Region,” and released a disturbing report that detailed shocking atrocities the Tigrean minority regime committed in the area. Quote,

“Ethiopian troops have forcibly displaced entire rural communities, ordering villagers to leave their homes within a few days or witness their houses being burnt down and their possessions destroyed-and risk death. Over the past year, Human Rights Watch has documented the execution of more than 150 individuals, many of them in demonstration killings. Hundreds-and possibly thousands-of individuals have been arrested and held in military barracks, sometimes multiple times, where they have been tortured, raped, and assaulted. Confiscation of livestock (the main asset among the largely pastoralist population), restrictions on access to water, food, and other essential commodities, and obstruction of commercial traffic and humanitarian assistance have been used as weapons.”

In Oromia, even if the trigger was the expansion plan of Addis Ababa, years of oppressive measures, exploitation of resources, mass killing, imprisonment and marginalization is what led to the revolts that pushed the TPLF to the brink. The people of Benishangul Gumuz and Omo have suffered similar fate like that of Gambela. According to Genocide Watch Malkamuu Jaatee January 2016 report,

“The direct human rights violation practices of the regime in Oromia and Southern (Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella and Omo) regions of Ethiopia demonstrate atrocities of the land grabbers. For example, human rights violations in the lower Omo valley are characterized by arbitrary arrests and detentions, beatings and mistreatment, governing through fear and intimidation, and violations of economic, social and cultural rights. The government and its police force are cracking down, jailing and torturing indigenous people and raping women in the Omo region.”The Amhara region has been at war with the minority TPLF regime in Gondar, with the flash point Welkait Tegede for a long time. On a report, “Mistaken Identity of the Amhara People and the Quest for Resistance Against TPLF,”, Abinet Hunegnaw wrote,

“Now the most concealed and systematic terror and genocide condoned and sanctioned by a domestic born regime against the Amhara is in full swing since 1991 unabated. The past 25 years transformed Ethiopia in a tumultuous and complicated way into a living hell for each and every Amhara. The TPLF junta of Ethiopia has identified the Amhara as the number one enemy of the Tigryan people that must be dealt with harshly until it gets into the status of a dissipated, broken and weak, minority that won’t recover to pose any challenge to a future independent greater Tigryan state. This very genocidal hatred against the Amhara is officially stated by the TPLF manifesto of 1978. Since that moment on, the Woyane Tigryan ethno centric junta opened an all-out war against the history, culture, tradition, language, political and economic wellbeing and the very existence of the Amhara people.”

Similar events have been taking place in Afar region where armed rebellion against the regime raged for years. According to reports railroads from Djibouti to Addis Ababa was disconnected by people in the region demonstrating against the regime. African Intelligence magazine reported,

“Confrontations like this are a frequent occurrence in this region, where Afars oppose being expelled from their ancestral land, being displaced and the shortage of water points for their livestock along the River Awash. So far, all their complaints to the federal authorities have been to no avail.”On April of 2014, The Afar People’s Party released a statement condemning,

“displacement of thousands of Afar pastoralists continues due to land grabbing for   Woyane affiliated investors in vicinities Afdera, Dallol, Teru and along the Awash Valley The pastoralists have been evicted to desert areas without access to water and other facilities.”Does Tigray Have a Regional Partner or Friends?
The TPLF divided Ethiopia ethnically and used the military as tool of occupation. TPLF’s military became mercenaries for hire to western led initiatives. The TPLF made billions from Western interests in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan to mention some.

The TPLF is expansionist, opportunist entity that lacks morality, humanity, humility, a sense of nationalism and dignity. Many have said TPLF is smart organization. They say TPLF has transferred Ethiopia, look at the high-rise buildings, the economy is growing 11% and so on. However, TPLF is the dumbest group of people in the history of Ethiopia and the region.

The only reason they came to power was because of Eritrea’s support. And the first thing they did was they picked a fight against Eritrea and the Oromo. As result, they lost Eritrea as a partner and the people of Oromia have waged a struggle since.

The TPLF failed to establish partnership with all of Ethiopia’s ethnic regions. It failed to establish friendship with countries in the region with exception to Sudan because it is the only lifeline Tigray has, and Djibouti Ethiopia’s main access to sea. The TPLF is loathed by Somalia, Eritrea and South Sudan.

In simple terms, Tigray is at odds on the East with Afar, on the south Welkait, and in the north Eritrea in fundamental ways. In Welkait dispute over land, in Afar dispute over land, and with Eritrea dispute over land. Everywhere in Ethiopia the TPLF is not welcome. Gambela, Oromia, Benishangul, Omo, Ogaden and everywhere else. And it is all about land-grab and the resources.

To provide perspective, we can compare the Derg led by Col. Mengistu Hailemariam and the TPLF EPRDF regime on how they handled land, and its implication to Ethiopia on a very simple level.

The Derg told Ethiopians, the land is yours and you can farm it. Land to the tiller. As result the farmers, the villagers supported Derg, chanted revolutionary slogans and supported his war efforts with nationalist fervor.

TPLF on the other hand, took away their land (known internationally as Land-Grab) and leased it to Agro-industrialist multinational corporations and turned the aborigines into migrant farm-workers in their country and own ancestral land. TPLF’s incessant appetite for land has placed it at odds with all the countries in the region and ethnic nationalities in Ethiopia.

How Did TPLF Serve Tigray?
Tigray is a mystery to the outside observer. Only the people of Tigray know how well or badly Tigray is doing. There are reports of development, new highways, universities, airports and industries. The people of Tigray, at least looking from the outside in-the-Diaspora, live dual identities. In one hand strong sense of Tigray nationalism and when approaching the national issue, they look for Tigray bent. Their websites such as Aigaforum and Tigraionline have shown this for years.  

For over 24 years, there has been silence by the people of Tigray. Little or no opposition to what the TPLF does or failed to do was aired publicly. Since the Oromo-protests begun however, there have been numerous public outcries by Tigreans at least in the diaspora.

They complained TPLF has turned Tigray into a military garrison where soldiers from all parts of Ethiopia are coming and having children with Tegaru. They complain of hardship, marginalization and thought protection from the government because they claimed establishments owned by Tigreans were targeted by demonstrators everywhere in Ethiopia and left their business and were forced to return to Tigray. Obviously, there is a precedent TPLF-set when it ethnic cleansed 80,000 Eritreans from Ethiopia. As the sayings goes; what is good for the goose is good for the gander. What goes around comes around.

The reality is, no matter how well Tigray is doing, without peace and partnership it will fail. This understanding was missing from the leaders of Tigray.

The TPLF’s grand-plan is to dominate the region and Ethiopia by controlling the Red Sea. TPLF is shortsighted and arrogantly believed it will defeat Eritrea. Their entire focus became on how to defeat Eritrea. They have targeted Eritrea militarily, socially, politically, diplomatically, economically and waged major public relations campaigns designed to vilify Eritrea, for years.

TPLF waged cultural wars and attempted to dilute Eritrean cultures as Habesha. The TPLF created a movement called Agazian movement focusing on Tigray and Eritrea. They called it Tigray Tigrigni. They aimed to weaken Eritrean nationalism using many tactics. They targeted Eritrean youth, music and ways of life. To undermine Eritrea as nation, they are coming up with all kinds of names like Tegaru Eritreans and have been making claims that Eritrea is Tigray openly. 

The campaign against Eritrea drained Tigray and placed it on a dangerous path. For their grand-plan to work Eritrea must be defeated. But that is not the case. To the contrary Eritrea weathered the storm. Tigray on the other hand is at odds with itself and Ethiopia over Badme and everything else. The trajectory is not looking good.

What Next for Tigrai?
The Tigray People’s Liberation Front misled Tigray for years. The TPLF created identity crisis in Tigray. Article 39 of the Ethiopian constitution is a reminder that the reason for the article in the first place was Tigray Manifesto of 1978 that ensured the secession of Tigray if need be. Hence, the people of Tigray have always had this in their mind when they see the future of Tigray. Celebrate Tigray   

With this in mind disparate advantage was accorded to Tigray region.  According to Jawar Mohamed,

“Ever since the TPLF came to power, there has been a greater attempt to economically develop the Tigray region before the rest of the country. It is a common belief that the economic, bureaucratic, security and religious institutions of the central government hierarchy have been monopolized by Tigrean elites.” 

They thought to develop Tigray at the expense of everyone else in the region. As the earlier comparison between Mengistu Hailemariam and TPLF exposed; Derg embraced the peasant, the masses, the proletariat. To the contrary, TPLF, an organization that is supposed to be Marxist ended up working against the masses by taking resources away from the people. 

But the gravest mistake they made was when they picked a fight against Eritrea. One thing they forgot, overlooked and underestimated is the resolve of the people of Eritrea, the brilliance of Eritrean government and her leadership. They forgot how EPLF’s long memory and far sighted approach worked. They believed their temporary partnership with the West will suffice and see them through. They thought if they brought Eritrea to her knees, control the Red Sea, they can control Ethiopia and the region indefinitely. They dreamt big.

In the process what was lost was the reality, respect for the rule of law, give and take. They believed they are above it-all, and if they cannot get their way they acted like spoiled child threw tantrums, threats and attempted to intimidate. They forgot how to communicate with respect. Their communication became a PR ploy of one-upmanship. They flexed their muscle and threatened regime change, war etc. all the time. 

This created identity crisis inside Tigray at appears. When it served them, nationally-made decisions were praised but, when they felt the decision did not go their way they rejected it.

The most glaring example of this is the latest decision by the new appointed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The announcement that Ethiopia will abide by the Algiers Final and Binding Agreement was met by heavy protests inside Tigray. In reaction to the protest, spokesperson of the Tigray region Mr. Redai Halefom, in an interview with the Voice of America (VOA) rejected PM Abiy’s declaration completely. He said we have to have dialogue with Eritrea first. 

Hence, the people of Tigray must come to grips with the reality of the situation. The TPLF has lost all its marbles one by one over the years. Its upper hand no longer exists in Washington. The people of Ethiopia fear TPLF no more.

TPLF’s economic prowess was due to the businesses it owned and international investments in various parts of Ethiopia. China announced it will scale back investments because they see what is going on in Oromia, and other places. The people have assumed ownership of their lands and resources. That denies TPLF economic advantage it enjoyed for long. The TPLF has bankrupted Ethiopia. There is no money.

There is myth that TPLF is still in control of the intelligence apparatus and military. It takes money to run intelligence, but most importantly, intelligence to what end. The people have taken over. They have assumed power.

The TPLF, Malelit, is an organization without principle full of personalities that are corrupt deceitful, embezzlers, profiteers that exploited Ethiopia and the region. Lying, cheating, deception, killing, torture is engrained deep into the culture of Weyane. The people of Tigray must come to grips with this reality quickly.

Concluding Remarks
The wars, the No-War-No-Peace campaign TPLF waged against Eritrea ended up hurting Tigray more than Eritrea. Eritrea has prevailed. Furthermore, the people of Ethiopia fear TPLF no more. Therefore, if the people of Tigray want to live in peace with the people of Eritrea, the region and Ethiopia; they must come to grips with the reality detailed in this piece. 

It will take miracle to extricate Tigray from this conundrum and place it on the right direction. But first, the people of Tigray must recognize their future hinges on one move and that is, in order to move forward they must abandon the TPLF. They must side with the people, denounce the TPLF and pray that that is enough.

This author has in numerous occasions penned the danger the people of Tigray can face if they remain on this path.

 June 11, 2018

Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Chief Messenger of the TPLF

Amanuel Biedemariam

Eritrea, anyone who praises Dr. Abiy Ahmed for announcing the acceptance of Badme EEBC Algiers agreement ruling is truly naïve and short sighted. Abiy is nothing but an errand boy regurgitating what TPLF tells him to say.

And those Ethiopians touting Abiy’s gestures are fooling themselves. Because the TPLF is using him to do their dirty deed. In fact, Ethiopia is in grave danger now because, after TPLF hands Badme over, Eritrea will pose no threat, supposedly. That is why they keep saying the onus is on Eritrea to reciprocate. To be good. That is why you hear them say the ball is on Eritrea’s court now repeatedly. This is design to put pressure back on Eritrea, so they can be left alone without external threat.

This move will allow Weyane to focus on Ethiopia and unleash what Elias Amare called “TPLF’s Strategy of Chaos.” They are going to unleash their arsenal to dominate Ethiopia and loot for as long as they can at best. And if they can’t, use article 39 to become independent. The biggest prize they are after is to stake a claim on Wolkait Tegede.

In the meantime, privatize whatever they can, reassume ownership via phantom rich-business people, companies and foreign entities to earn hard currency that they will in turn use to finance their evil deeds. In other words, maintain ownership of the revenue streams such as Ethiopian Airlines while the country is insolvent. 

They have bankrupted the nation. The banks are empty to the point, even the depositors are not able to withdraw their money.

On May 3, 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir agreed on a deal allowing Ethiopia to own a stake in Sudan’s Port Sudan. According to Reuters, Quoting Meles Alem spokesman for Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry who said,

“The leaders of both countries agreed to develop Port Sudan together. This deal entails that Ethiopia will be a shareholder of the port as well.”

What benefit does Port Sudan give Ethiopia considering the distance? None. The TPLF made Dr. Abiy sign the agreement in the name of Ethiopia. Tigray is the only Region that can benefit from this agreement because Port Sudan is closer to Tigray while it is very far to the central part of Ethiopia. Therefore, not economically feasible for the nation. What I find interesting is the fact that little or no mention is done by Ethiopians about this.

I don’t know why, people are so gullible and willing to come up with crazy praises for Abiy someone who has been and remains agent of TPLF. Particularly, someone with Eritrean blood in his hand during the Badme war.

To bring peace and development to the Horn of Africa, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front must be dismantled, and all the party members and supporters must face the people. Because they are responsible for over 20,000 Eritrean lives, displacement and twenty years of hardship. They are responsible for countless Ethiopian and Somali lives.

June 7, 2018





Ethiopia: TPLF’s Strategy of Chaos

By Elias Amare

I see the ranting gibberish of this Tigrayan “academic” operative of the TPLF —Mehari Yohannes by name, a lecturer of political science at Mekelle University, which gives you an idea of the abysmal state of education in Tigray — as nothing but an extension of the TPLF’s “Strategy of Chaos”.

But, if there is any doubt in any quarter, we emphasize that what this guy is talking about is absolute nonsense. There is no space for any political movement or entity called “Tigray-Tigrigni” or “Agazian” in Eritrea — maybe this exists in the wild fantasies of the Weyane, but never in Eritrea. There is no people called “Tigray” or “Habesha” in Eritrea. There are only Eritreans. Period — ኣርባዕተ ነጥቢ።

There’s no doubt that it’s “Game Over” for the TPLF in Ethiopia. But, we must also note that the TPLF is now like a wounded beast. It’s not going to fold and call it quits as you would expect any rational political actor would do. It’s not going to easily give up its stranglehold on power in Ethiopia that it has been monopolizing for the last 27 years. It will fight back with all kinds of trickery and violence in its arsenal.

Events in the past week in Ethiopia, and the series of urgent conferences the wounded TPLF beast has been conducting in Mekelle, support my thesis of “TPLF’s Strategy of Chaos” that I wrote over two months ago. Whether it will be allowed to succeed to unleash this chaos scenario is, of course, dependent on many factors outside the control of TPLF — both inside Ethiopia and the global Ethiopian body politic, as well as the immediate region, and geopolitical interests of global powers such as US, UK, Europe and China, etc. As I see it, intelligentsia agent provocateurs like this guy are nothing but desperate manipulations of the TPLF that is in deep crisis. Remember, mortally wounded as it is, the TPLF still possesses significant resources at its disposal:

* The military-security apparatus is still under its control, though PM Abiy Ahmed’s latest moves seem to slowly try to wrest control from the narrow clique to the state. So, it’s gonna be a tug-of-war between the formal state and the “deep kleptocratic state” of the Weyane.

* Getachew Assefa’s “Dihninet” security/intelligence network still has an estimated 100 thousand operatives — death-squad units, assassins, spies, informers, agent provocateurs, etc. — deployed throughout the country. This is a dangerous force for the popular movement of democratic reform.

* MONEY, which the TPLF kleptocracy has vast amounts of. And money is the root of all evil, as the saying goes.

In any case, we in Eritrea emphasize (especially to our Ethiopian brothers and sisters) that we will not rest until the TPLF cancer, its divisive sectarianism and its toxic expansionist nationalism, is completely-annihilated.

Neither Eritrea, nor Ethiopia, nor the Horn of Africa will find durable peace and stability unless and until the TPLF Weyane cancer is completely-destroyed.

Once Weyane is destroyed, there will be an opening for an era of new positive possibilities to be ushered in. We cannot afford to miss this historic opportunity. We are not condemned to repeat the vicious cycle of history of the past decades and what the historian Margaret Tuchman referred to as “The March of Folly”.

Here is what I wrote over two months ago on March 25 and posted on my timeline, just before the new Ethiopian Prime Minister was appointed:
So, what is this TPLF’s “Strategy of Chaos” in Ethiopia? Well, from our reading and analysis of situation on the ground, it entails several component factors:

• Contain and reverse the democratic gains that the people have achieved so far through their popular struggle in the past three years;

• Appear to ride the waves of reform, release some of the most prominent political prisoners, force the resignation of the figurehead Prime Minister, etc., in order to appease its Western donors and patrons;

• Immediately reinstate the “state of emergency” and martial rule through a “Command Post”;

• Target Oromia region and the OPDO for repressive measures;

• Unleash terror and violence throughout the country, but especially in the restive Oromia region;

• Paralyze the OPDO and its “reformist” allies in the in lengthy endless meetings of the EPRDF dangling the promise of Prime Ministerial position in front of it, while rapidly trying to create facts on the ground through violence;

• Create a wedge between the pro-reform elements within the OPDO and the Oromo masses, especially the Qeerroo youth leading the uprising; Also created a rift between the reformist wings of the OPDO, ANDM, and SEPDM

• Re-arrest the most prominent political prisoners recently released, and arrest thousands more, especially those in key Oromia region administrative positions;

• Continue the reign of terror at an escalated rate, foment “ethnic clashes” where possible in all the regional states (‘Killils”), except Tigray, of course.;

• Ultimately, restore TPLF’s hegemony of power;

• “Après nous, le déluge” (“After us, the flood”) – If the restoration of TPLF’s hegemony of the past 27 years is not possible, and the people continue their struggle nearing regime overthrow, the TPLF’s plan is to plunge the country into a state of endless civil war, inter-ethnic violence and chaos;

• TPLF then withdraws to Tigray with its loot and plunder of the past decades, secede, taking along with it contiguous states/regions such as Afar on the southeast, and Beni Shangul and Gumuz region on the west southwest. It has already annexed huge chunks of territory from Amhara region in Wolkait and Raya-Azebo. This is the culmination of the Greater Tigray dream that was enshrined in TPLF’s manifesto of 1976.
This seems to be the carefully planned TPLF’s “strategy of chaos” which may seem irrational to some analysts. But there is method and logic to this madness of the “strategy of chaos”. In the end, though, it is #GameOverTPLF! The question before the revolutionary progressive forces in Ethiopia is, should the TPLF be allowed initiative to carry on its “strategy of chaos” to its conclusion and bring about untold misery and destruction to the country?

Ethiopia: A Defining Moment for the People of Tigray