EPLF HGDEF Vision Room Interview with Amanuel Biedemariam

On Saturday August 4, 2018 I expressed my views on the current developments in our region, the peace agreement with Ethiopia, sanctions, geopolitical juxtaposition in the region, Eritrean community and the challenges we endured to get to where we are with EPLF HGDEF VISION ROOM Pal-talk. I discussed Tigray People’s Liberation Front and how it is using Tigrai region as human shields. I was compelled to get out and share my views to provide perspective. Please enjoy.




  1. Please read the following:

    1. You post somthjing hoping you would get attraction.
    2. If you were honest, you would have left the article there.
    3. But knowing who you are “opportunist” when the hard line pfdj” was dancing, you took the posting out.

    Now goes what is coming and what people are doing:


    When Isaias traveled to Addis Ababa, many senior officials of the government and commanders of the security forces were asked to accompany him. However, they were not happy with the way Isaias was making individual decisions without consulting anyone else. However, in an uncharacteristic step, many officials made risky excuses to avoid traveling with Isaias.

    At least two military commanders pretended to be sick and stayed in bed to avoid traveling with the president. Only a few officials, including Yemane Gebreab, Osman Saleh, Askalu Menkerios, Fozia Hashim, and the president’s security details, accompanied Isaias Afwerki, a small group compared to the large entourage that accompanied PM Abiy.

    Would-be Ethiopian investors arrived in Asmara when most officials purposely left their offices or pretended to be sick, or out of town and the junior officers could not provide them with the investment-related information they required.

    The silent protest continues with many officials refusing to cooperate and keep making excuses not to see visitors.


    I do not think you can hide when this comes to play in the open …

    Please be assured that you will make front page

  2. Are you hoping that people would not open and read the link? Keep dreaming. Why did you take it off to start with MR ACTIVIST? You gave your self a huge name. We are here for good ….

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