Make September 16, a public holiday for Peace Between Eritrea and Ethiopia


By: Amanuel Biedemariam

Making September 16, a public holiday for Peace Between Eritrea and Ethiopia

To commemorate the victims of war in Eritrea and Ethiopia, during the Tokyo Peace Day Memorial Ceremony, Eritrea was represented prominently by Eritrean Ambassador in Japan, Ambassador Estifanos Afeworki (Bruno) who narrated a short history of Eritrea and the legacy of 72 years of conflict that the Eritrean people endured since the end of World War II.

Ambassador Estifanos expressed and shared the level in which global superpowers were heavily involved in the affairs of the Horn of Africa region. He also briefly educated the audience, how deeply Eritrea was affected as the devastation caused on its people and the overall impact for its growth and development was negatively affected. Ambassador Estifanos noting the importance of the peace agreement signed between Eritrea and Ethiopia in Eritrea, and in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, in 2018 said,

Humanity deserves eternal peace”.

During a speech he delivered at the ceremony, Ambassador Estifanos also requested that;

“Starting 2020, the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia to consider making September 16, a public holiday to commemorate victims of the long conflict of both nations.”

Ambassador Estifanos, who was born two years after the end of World War II, has lived through decades of wars and instability within the region. His lifetime experience is a testimonial of how Eritrea and Eritreans lived through these difficult times.

While the war on terror, as well as the instability, of the region made international news headlines, it is also to be noted that bad relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia comes to mind for most people around the world when they think of the region as a whole and Eritrea as a nation. The views of the world as a whole are limited to the state affairs of the last 20 years. The reality however, is that Eritrea has been a major player in global affairs and continues to play a leading role in the peace process throughout the region. The strength, resilience, unity and prevailing peace in Eritrea and the peace agreement between Eritrean and Ethiopia and its successful implementation will foster a new era of peace, stability and growth for the horn of Africa region and beyond.

Please forward, herein below, video to 22 minutes to listen to his full testimony speech in the Tokyo Peace Memorial Day Ceremony held on March 10, 2019

One Reply to “Make September 16, a public holiday for Peace Between Eritrea and Ethiopia”

  1. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Chief Messenger of the TPLF
    Amanuel Biedemariam

    Eritrea, anyone who praises Dr. Abiy Ahmed for announcing the acceptance of Badme EEBC Algiers agreement ruling is truly naïve and short sighted. Abiy is nothing but an errand boy regurgitating what TPLF tells him to say.

    And those Ethiopians touting Abiy’s gestures are fooling themselves. Because the TPLF is using him to do their dirty deed. In fact, Ethiopia is in grave danger now because, after TPLF hands Badme over, Eritrea will pose no threat, supposedly. That is why they keep saying the onus is on Eritrea to reciprocate. To be good. That is why you hear them say the ball is on Eritrea’s court now repeatedly. This is design to put pressure back on Eritrea, so they can be left alone without external threat.

    This move will allow Weyane to focus on Ethiopia and unleash what Elias Amare called “TPLF’s Strategy of Chaos.” They are going to unleash their arsenal to dominate Ethiopia and loot for as long as they can at best. And if they can’t, use article 39 to become independent. The biggest prize they are after is to stake a claim on Wolkait Tegede.

    In the meantime, privatize whatever they can, reassume ownership via phantom rich-business people, companies and foreign entities to earn hard currency that they will in turn use to finance their evil deeds. In other words, maintain ownership of the revenue streams such as Ethiopian Airlines while the country is insolvent.

    They have bankrupted the nation. The banks are empty to the point, even the depositors are not able to withdraw their money.

    On May 3, 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir agreed on a deal allowing Ethiopia to own a stake in Sudan’s Port Sudan. According to Reuters, Quoting Meles Alem spokesman for Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry who said,

    “The leaders of both countries agreed to develop Port Sudan together. This deal entails that Ethiopia will be a shareholder of the port as well.”

    What benefit does Port Sudan give Ethiopia considering the distance? None. The TPLF made Dr. Abiy sign the agreement in the name of Ethiopia. Tigray is the only Region that can benefit from this agreement because Port Sudan is closer to Tigray while it is very far to the central part of Ethiopia. Therefore, not economically feasible for the nation. What I find interesting is the fact that little or no mention is done by Ethiopians about this.

    I don’t know why, people are so gullible and willing to come up with crazy praises for Abiy someone who has been and remains agent of TPLF. Particularly, someone with Eritrean blood in his hand during the Badme war.

    To bring peace and development to the Horn of Africa, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front must be dismantled, and all the party members and supporters must face the people. Because they are responsible for over 20,000 Eritrean lives, displacement and twenty years of hardship. They are responsible for countless Ethiopian and Somali lives.

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