Secretary Tillerson Read TPLF’s Last Rites

Amanuel Biedemariam 

March 9, 2018 

The differences between the government of Eritrea and the minority regime ruling Ethiopia is that Eritrea does not have malicious intent against the people of Ethiopia. Eritrea is sensitive to the needs of all parties and the plight of the people of Ethiopia. The stand of the government of Eritrea on Ethiopia dates to the days of struggle for liberation. It is unambiguous principled stand that stood the test of time.

EPLF, on Adulis Publication, Vol. I No. 11, May 1985 (pgs. 3-8), “THE EPLF AND ITS RELATIONS WITH DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENTS IN ETHIOPIA,” states,

“Conscious of this inter-relationship and convinced that the Eritrean Revolution is an integral part of the peoples’ struggles throughout the world, the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) has, while leading the Eritrean national struggle, forged links and fully cooperated with Ethiopian organizations capable of setting up a democratic alternative to the Dergue’s military regime. For the EPLF, this cooperation is not based on the belief that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but rather on the firm conviction that total independence for Eritrea and the emergence of a progressive government with popular support in Ethiopia are inseparable goals. Hence, the front encourages and assists those organizations and movements that push towards this goal while, at the same time, criticizes and opposes those forces and tendencies that harm the cause and push its attainment further away.”

Then, as in now, The Eritrea People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) does not envision a fragmented Ethiopia. EPLF envisioned a country that respects the rights of all nationalities, with equal-rights capable to decide their future collectively. EPLF believed domination of power by one Ethnic group as counterproductive and dangerous. Adulis Vol. I No. 11, May 1985,

“Ethiopia is a multi-national state. Apart from the exploiting classes, the masses of all nationalities have been deprived of the basic rights and the fruits of their labor. This picture is complicated, however, by national oppression which affects nationalities, except the Amharas. These nationalities – Oromo, Tigrai, Somali, Afar, Sidama, etc. – have been deprived of their lands and denied the right to determine their destiny, to participate as equals in the political life of the country and to develop their languages and cultures. National oppression – this powerful weapon of the ruling classes – is, however, a double-edged sword, which harms not only the subject nationalities but the masses of the oppressor nationality as well. Among Amhara- toilers- regardless of how poor they may be – it fosters contempt for the oppressed nationalities, while among the Oromo, Tigrai, Somali and Afar masses, it arouses deep hatred not only for the Amhara rulers but also for Amhara workers and peasants. Moreover, it induces the oppressed nationalities to regard each other with contempt and hatred. The ruling classes fan these feelings of mutual suspicion and scorn as they pit the masses of all nationalities, who have the same interests, against one another and enable the rulers to consolidate their power and perpetuate their exploitation.”

Eritrea’s aspirations for Ethiopia, therefore, are based on peace, equality and governance that respects the aspirations of all involved. Hence, Eritrea’s relations with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) during and after the struggle fall within this context and, as part of the greater Ethiopia picture. Eritrea has a principled longstanding stand on Ethiopia. This principled stand is what guides Eritrea’s Ethiopia policy.

On the other hand, TPLF envisioned Independent-Greater Tigray or, autonomous Tigray capable to stand on its own. TPLF’s struggle, therefore, did not have national aspirations. The Tigray Manifesto is evidence of the desire, motivation and intent the movement was based upon.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was and remain determined to see the total annihilation of Eritrea by any means necessary. The TPLF’s spoken and unspoken agenda is devious, brut, conniving, intent to destroy Eritrea by any means necessary. At its core, in order for the manifesto to succeed, defeating Eritrea was TPLF’s number one objective. TPLF was determined to weaken Ethiopia, the region and especially Eritrea in pursuit of its hegemonic agenda. Ethiopia was not important for the TPLF.

And here are some of the tactics the TPLF-Tigray embraced to achieve its plan:

  • Subservience to US or Western agenda. The US was a perfect partner to the TPLF. The TPLF did not have the moral backbone that can hinder foreign agendas. Washington and TPLF created a symbiotic relationship whereby the TPLF can pursue its hegemonic ambitions inside Ethiopia, the region, Africa and by proxy the world whilst the US can pursue its agenda via Ethiopia as anchor state. To that end, TPLF has turned Ethiopian forces to mercenaries for hire and uses Ethiopian boots it provides as the number one hook to win favors from Washington. 
  • Exploit African Union (AU). The TPLF uses the African Union as one of its institutions. After the fall of the Soviet Union nearly all African leaders became yes men or women to agendas that Washington funneled through Ethiopia. Washington wanted Meles Zenawi to be the henchman and Meles, using US-Ethiopia relation as wild card, became the bully in the halls of the AU. The TPLF conducted its affairs fearlessly, confident and unashamed. Hence, and by default, African initiative means US and Ethiopian initiative.
  • Control Ethiopia. Control of the economy, enabled the TPLF to manage and control Ethiopian affairs to suit its needs. TPLF controlled the economy by controlling the financial institutions, all resources, the infrastructure, manufacturing and by controlling mechanism that allow economies to function. They controlled the land, transportation and created personal relationships to impose its will. They also controlled incoming floods of international aid in various forms. They controlled the political, diplomatic and military spaces and denied all ethnic groups access. 
  • Preempt threats to power from other Ethnic groups. The biggest threats to TPLF’s power are united Ethiopia and resistance by one or more Ethnic groups. To counter, the TPLF established EPRDF, a phony coalition of ethnic nationalities to rubberstamp its agenda. The ethnic federalism that the TPLF touts as beacon of stability is in fact designed to divide. Furthermore, the TPLF crafted article 39 of the constitution, that gives (in theory) Ethiopian ethnic groups the right to become independent. 
  • Undermine Eritrean independence. Defeating Eritrea serves many objectives. It solidifies the anchor-state status thus elevate its importance with the US. It makes TPLF relevant on the Red Sea. It appeases Ethiopians that long for access to sea. It also gives the people of Tigray the upper hand when dealing with Ethiopians. The zero-sum game TPLF played was a calculated risk.

Changing Dynamics Pressing TPLF

The foundation TPLF built their thuggish hold on power has crumbled. The rug has been pulled for under their tables. No matter what the TPLF does moving-forward, things will not be the same. This includes US-TPLF relations.

Washington is clear that the TPLF is unhinged, not capable to govern and that it is a threat to American interest. Congressional ultimatum, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s stern statement, US Ambassador in Ethiopia’s statement are indicators on how Washington views the TPLF currently.

The reaction of Tigrayans  to these statements is proof that they are feeling the pinch. Recent article on, “Mr. US Ambassador, please stop poking your nose into Ethiopia’s internal affairs.”  demonstrates the frustration vividly. 

However, absent of alternatives, aware, if the EPRDF coalition crumbles the military will go along with it; Washington is in desperate race to save the TPLF. Sec. Rex Tillerson’s trip to Ethiopia at this dangerous hour reflects the significance and the pressure to try to quell the situation.

That is a fine line to navigate because at this point Washington’s interests are opposing the people’s interests. Washington cannot please the people and the TPLF at the same time. It is therefore, damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Therefore, Tillerson acknowledged the problem by saying, 

“We do firmly believe that the answer is greater freedom”  and, “While we appreciate the government’s responsibility to maintain control … it is important that country moves on past the state of emergency as quickly as possible,”

He then, praised Ethiopian leadership at the AU, stressed upon the important role TPLF plays in Somalia, Djibouti, military cooperation, the war against terrorism and AMISOM. Tillerson’s statements showed the Trump administration will continue old policies.  

The $113 Mil. Washington gave TPLF and $375 Mil. development assistance from world bank amounting to half a billion USD will be used to pay the regime’s military that is killing the people. The aid is a stopgap-Band-Aid. This is not sustainable because Washington must pay that amount every month indefinitely to save the regime.

This is poorly thought out move. The TPLF is fighting for its very survival and Washington will soon find out all the reasons for supporting the regime are invalid.

The situation in Somalia is changing. In South Sudan the TPLF failed militarily and on the negotiating table.

The geopolitical dynamic of the region is changing rapidly. Prior to 2010, Egypt and Saudi Arabia stood with Ethiopia against Eritrea in the Arab League. Today, Eritrea is indispensable ally. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are staunch allies of Israel and the US. Which means, US must consider the interests of its allies.

Secretary Tillerson stressed on Ethiopian leadership in the African Union (AU). That too is in question because there are competing interests. The geopolitical shift in the continent such as Egypt’s relations with South Sudan, Uganda and others could press the AU in a different direction further weakening Ethiopia’s influence. South Sudan’s application to join the Arab League  is evidence that African countries will seek for alternative to pursue their interests.  

Loss of Control

Declaring state of emergency twice in a span of two years is clear evidence of a loss of control. The declaration of state of emergency is no longer about upholding peace, it is about strengthening grip of power.

Declaring state of emergency legalizes the killing, imprisoning and illegal seizure of properties. It is done to free the perpetrators from legal accountability to crimes they commit against the people of Ethiopia. It is to give the regime a free rein to do what it wants violently.

TPLF never stopped the state of emergency it declared in 2016. That however, did not stop the people. Over the last two years the state of emergency was in place the people have managed to live with  it.

This time, however,  the people are fighting in ways that confuses the regime and have brought the nation to a standstill. At this point one can only safely say Addis Ababa is the only stronghold they have left. Even that is in doubt because reports indicate that Addis Ababa is blocked in four corners. Blocked Addis

Another key is that the people of Tigray are supposed to represent 6% of Ethiopia’s total population. What percentage of Tigray’s population does the TPLF get its support from? It is impossible to say. However, recent social media activities and news accounts reveal that the people of Tigray are unhappy and uncertain about their future especially now that they are being displaced from various parts of Ethiopia.

Undoubtedly, today, it is nearly impossible to think of any ethnic group that is in alignment with the TPLF. The people of Ethiopia are looking at a sinking ship and are determined to oust TPLF from power. Persistent demonstrations in the face of fire is good example that the people are willing to die to defeat TPLF. They see TPLF as enemy. Ethiopians, especially in Oromia are no longer fearful. To the contrary, they have lost respect for the regime.  Ethio Revolt


What can Secretary Rex Tillerson achieve? Obviously he can’t accomplish regime change. He can ask for a transitional process. And, or, he can urge the regime to choose a leader that represent the majority. 

The TPLF will not opt for a transitional process that will end its reign. And no matter who they chose to lead them, it makes no difference whatsoever! As long as the military and the core is under TPLF nothing changes. In other words no change will come because of the goodwill of the TPLF.

The danger; If the situation persist as-is, the country will likely descend to chaos because the economic hardship will become unbearable shortly. Hence, western imposed change will-only prolong the suffering and lead to unpredictable end.  

This is an impasse that neither Washington nor the TPLF can overcome. Because the transitional process the people of Ethiopia want and are sacrificing for, is not what Washington or TPLF want. The people want TPLF out of power completely and that includes the military.   


The TPLF is powerless. The people of Ethiopia, particularly, the defiant Oromo protestors have exposed the regime’s limits. The fall of the regime is imminent because the protestors have effectively shut down the country. The TPLF is unable to reach majority of the population in the country. On Nov. 5, 2017 a New York Times, Kimiko de Freytas-Tamuranov penned a piece, ‘We Are Everywhere’: How Ethiopia Became a Land of Prying Eyes, shows that the TPLF does not have the ability to reach majority of Ethiopia. It uses individual militias to control remote villages.

This provides opportunity to opposition leaders to mobilize the people and empower them to self govern. There are reports that locals are self-governing in parts of Oromia. That maybe the only saving grace to a nation in turmoil.


Ethiopia will not be saved by western imposed changes. Foreign powers will try to keep the TPLF going as long as they can to safeguard their interests and investments. The money received as aid, recommendations made for change and tweaks TPLF makes to appease western donors will worsen the situation.

It is undeniable reality that Ethiopia must undergo through indigenous transformational process to realize its future. Only that realization and efforts to that end can save it. Maybe!

Hence, Tillerson’s visit and statements will only will strengthen the resolve of the people which will quicken the demise of the criminal regime.  In a sense, Tillerson Read TPLF’s Last Rights unwittingly.

Furthermore, If the State Department is serious about the future of Ethiopia they must seek the help of the government of  Eritrea.

Part II of this piece will reflect the Puppets of TPLF that operate as Eritrean opposition. 



Tiffany Haddish Will Be The First Black Woman To Host MTV Movie & TV Awards

Tiffany Haddish is making history left and right.

The “Girls Trip” actress announced on Thursday that she will be hosting the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles on Monday, June 18. Haddish, who made history last November by becoming the first black female stand-up comedian to host “Saturday Night Live,” is making history again as the first black woman to host the award show. The last female host was Amy Schumer in 2015.

Haddish announced the news in a video on Instagram. “It’s gonna be off the chain! Because you know why? I’m hosting!” Haddish says in the video. “And you know what that means ― it’s gonna be hilarious.”

MTV released a statement shortly after Haddish’s announcement, writing that the actress, comedian and author is “quickly establishing herself as one of the most sought-after actresses and comedic talents in television and film.”

Haddish, who many believe should have been an Oscar contender, has been on fire as of late.

After her hilarious acting in “Girls Trip,” she released a New York Times best-seller titled The Last Black Unicorn. She recently made waves as the face of Groupon, appearing in the brand’s 2018 Super Bowl ad. The actress is also starring in the upcoming TBS sitcom “The Last O.G.” alongside Tracy Morgan.


The categories and nominees for the award show will be announced at a later date.


The MTV Movie & TV Awards will air on Monday, June 18, at 9 p.m. EST. 

Alanna Vagianos

Women’s Reporter, HuffingtonPost




Eritrean Citizens vs. Bloody Mercenaries

Eritrean Citizens vs. Bloody Mercenaries
Amanuel Biedemariam February 10, 2018

Occasionally, we come across very important revelations that serve as evidence to conspiracies that Eritreans long claimed existed against them. These conspiracies are multifaceted, funded by organizations with deep-pockets and intent on ensuring the success of their agendas no matter what. The obvious questions are: why, whom, when, where and how?

To weaken, destabilize, replace the government and control Eritrea. If they succeed, Eritrea gives Washington control of a large swath of strategic territory on the Red Sea. Not to mention unparalleled natural resources including, gold potash, zinc, cobalt and oil. Eritrea is rich with marine resources and untapped potential for tourism. Eritrea is on one of the most strategic waterways of the world.

To achieve its greater agenda Washington made Ethiopia the Anchor State of the region whereby it can control its agendas of the region and beyond. Ethiopia as host to the African Union enables US to pursue its African agenda from one central place. Defeating Eritrea satisfies Ethiopian hegemony and Washington’s agendas.

To that end, Washington gives Ethiopia the green light and all the resources necessary to pursue its anti-Eritrea agenda. As a result, for successive Ethiopian regimes Eritrea has been a cash cow. Hence, waging wars to undermine Eritrea is the primary job of all Ethiopian regimes past and present.

For decades, Washington and Ethiopia colluded to control Eritrea by any means necessary. France, Germany, UK, Europe and others followed Washington’s suite and cooperated to ensure regime change. In fact, before Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt and others Eritrea was the first target of Washington’s regime change agenda.

Eritrea is an easy target for the West because her independent self-reliant path is considered a threat to the way the West operated in Africa for centuries. The West and other powerful nations have long concluded Africa must remain in state of disarray to exploit its resources unchallenged. Encouraging conflicts, bribing officials, weakening institutional structures and predatory lending practices are their preferred methods. Sophisticated methodologies are applied to ensure the failure of Military, banking, educational, administrative, legislative, economic and other institutions. UN imposed sanctions are a part of the scheme.

The illegal sanctions they imposed against Eritrea are designed to kill Eritrea’s banking institutions. No country in the world could bank with Eritrea for the fear of violating sanctions. The military institutions of Eritrea are another. They targeted the youth to accomplish many objectives. It denies Eritrea human resources vital to nation building and national defense.

To justify their punitive measures against Eritrea, and to weaken diaspora support overt global vilification campaigns are conducted. To encourage youth flight Eritreans are granted political asylum expeditiously. Eritreans that seek asylum are also encouraged and incentivized to campaign against their government wherever they reside.

National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is one-way US State Department influences elections and impose changes in countries of interest. NED is extension of the State Department, the military industrial complex and multinational corporations that seek to induce change in countries of interests based on the interests of their organizations. NED is key funder of the campaigns against Eritrea. According to NED’s annual grant disbursement report,

They gave Biniam Simon of Radio Erena $49,526. The justification for the payment,Erythrée

“Building Capacity for Radio Erena. To strengthen the organizational capacity. The only independent radio station to broadcast to Eritrea, and to ensure its long-term sustainability. The organization will recruit and train financial and administrative staff, support the development of a strategic work plan, and recruit new board members to support overall capacity.”

The head of Erena, Biniam Simon was sent to Japan by Eritrea for training. Biniam Simon was recruited by Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF) in Japan and was sent to France. RSF receives part of its funding from NED and Open Society Foundation. NED is paying Biniam $49,526. By all standards, Biniam Simon is a traitor who squandered the funds the people of Eritrea who paid for his training. Simon absconded and sought asylum based on none existent threat to his safety. Why would Eritrea send Biniam for training to Japan and turn around and put him in prison? Worse yet, why would France grant him asylum and RSF help him with funding to establish Radio Erena?

The standards applied to grant Biniam asylum and the hero’s welcome accorded to him is simply mind boggling. On July 16, 2017 the Guardian wrote a 10-page article and, glorified Biniam Simon the traitor who betrayed his people.

NED is funding all types of subversive activities against Eritrea. The 2017 grant disbursement report shows wide array of funding projects. These are anti Eritrean elements intent on destabilizing, demonizing and regime change advocates. To mention some,

For “Eritrean Youth Peace and Conflict Management.” To Forum for National Dialogue. Run by Tekeste Asefaw $39,400TekesteGhebrekidanAssefaw

“To enhance the capacity of young Eritreans in the diaspora to engage in the long-term development of democracy in Eritrea. The organization will conduct trainings on and disseminate information about human rights, youth in peacebuilding, leadership, strategic communications, intergenerational dialogue and mobilization, constitutionalism, and developing and managing accountable governing institutions.”

For “Human Rights Program” $75,305 to Elsa Chyrum Human Rights Concern – EritreaElsaChyrum

“To increase awareness of the human rights struggle in Eritrea. The organization will engage with key international and regional human rights bodies and raise awareness on human rights issues affecting Eritreans inside and outside Eritrea.”

The Role of Eritrean Civil Society for Democratic Renewal in Eritrea, to Eritrean Global Solidarity LLC $15,000, To Seyoum Tesfayeseyoum

“To increase solidarity and understanding among Eritreans in the diaspora and share ideas and solutions on long-term transformation in Eritrea. The grantee will hold a two-day conference for activists and intellectuals, who will present papers and participate on panels. It will present a final report with recommendations.”

Citizen Advocacy the Antidote

The people of Eritrea have proved to be formidable in ways that the enemies never imagined. Eritreans are capable to persevere. They understand the psychological warfare waged against them. No matter how sophisticated, Eritreans managed to identify the hostile nature of the campaigns and fought back.

The collusion between State Department, NED, Open Society Foundation, the so-called Mainstream Media and the anti-Eritrea element that operate in the name of opposition, human rights, freedom of press, civil society organization and opinion peddlers is clear in this case.

Also, evident, these are the organizations and personalities that the people of Eritrea worked hard to expose and fought against for nearly two decades. But, no matter how much the establishment tried, no matter how much resources they invested, regardless of the power and influence they exerted; the people of Eritrea fought and beat them.

This is unprecedented. Eritreans all over the world took it upon themselves and fought western campaigns. Self-initiated social media campaigns, demonstrations, write-in, mass-emailing are some of the ways Eritreans managed to go toe to-toe against established establishments.

This is clear evidence that citizens of a nation can come together based on a mission, to defend truth. Eritreans defended the legacy, the history, reputation and image of Eritrea. They stood against injustice continued-injustices that are the reasons for their plight in the first place. They stood for their country that is maligned unjustly. They stood with their people any-way they could. To please the super powers the world ignored justice and abandoned Eritrea. However, Eritreans showed they can stand on their own.


What Eritreans managed to achieve over the last two decades is unprecedented. There are millions of people from many countries that reside in the west and witness countries of their origin vilified unjustly. Eritreans are fighting it successfully. The nations, organizations and individual Eritrea fought against are established, organized, well-funded and intellectually capable. Eritreans on the other hand are not funded and do not possess the media presence of their foes.

This shows Eritreans are all about Eritrea and can move mountains. But it also shows, moving forward, Eritreans in the diaspora need to organize, establish media-capacities, enhance their lobbying abilities and maximize their reach to benefit their people in times of good just as they did during hard times.

Awet N-Hafash

Eritrea: Story of Resiliency and Triumph in the Face of Fire

TegadalitEritrea: Story of Resiliency and Triumph in the Face of Fire

In life, those who fail to understand their blessing are bound to lose everything. Religious experts say that the devil will always try to point out what you are missing instead of the blessings. And it is clearly hard to think about blessings when faced with tremendous challenges and particularly when the challenges are existential in nature as is the case of Eritrea. Those who understand these blessings can deal better with the circumstances they are dealt with. And those that fail to appreciate what Eritrea is blessed with will suffer needlessly to the point of losing their lives unnecessarily.

Eritrea was tried like no other and managed to withstand tremendous challenges. These are challenges that led many countries, once considered invincible, to become failed states ala Libya, Syria and Iraq.

The marriage between the minority regime in Ethiopia and US administration was a perfect one because they both intended to oust the leadership of Eritrea, do away with the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) or Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), retake Eritrea or mold it in ways that suited their needs. In short, reverse Eritrea’s independence.

To that end, from 1998-2000, with the support of US Ethiopia waged intense wars that took the lives of over 20,000 Eritreans. When that failed, they brazenly declared “No war no peace” asymmetric-warfare designed to slowly render Eritrea a failed state. No stone was left unturned. However, Eritrea managed to uncover their plots, meticulously expose it and eliminated these threats every step of the way. After the war ended in 2000, based on the Algiers peace accord, the UN placed “peacekeeping troops” assigned to monitor the demilitarized zone. Eritreans remember how that turned out. The UN troops tried to act as colonizers and involved themselves on illicit activities including smuggling, human trafficking, spying and pedophilia. Instead of peacekeeping they were provocateurs intent on poking holes at the sovereignty of Eritrea.

The UN learnt the hard-way how independent, adamant and determined Eritreans are in safeguarding their sovereignty and protecting hard won independence. But the machinations continued unabated. An all-out assault on Eritrea’s economy was unleashed; many attempts were made to nullify The Hague international court’s Final-and-Binding border ruling; US administration brazenly attempted to impose a new mechanism to nullify The Hague ruling and failed. Eritrea’s firm and unwavering stand managed to expose their duplicity and ill attempts that aimed to destabilize the nation.
When all these attempts failed to nudge Eritrea, they upped the ante. First attempt, place Eritrea on a list of states that sponsor terror. When US congress rejected it as lie, the Obama administration used the UN to pass punitive measures based on fabrication. To tie Eritrea’s hand and render her defenseless the US pushed hard to sanction Eritrea and placed arms embargo and essentially denied the people of Eritrea the right to self-defense. When that failed to achieve its objective the US then pushed for additional sanctions to decapitate Eritrea’s economy by trying to deny income from mining.
The assault by the west aided by Ethiopia was unrelenting. Assassination attempts, inciting civil unrest, attempted coup, pressing youth to revolt, incentivizing-youth flight, sabotage, encouraging dissent, corruption, currency manipulation and the list goes on, and failed.

Minds and Hearts of Steel
During a 2000 Interview with Voice of Eritrea DC, the-then General, now Mining Minister Sebhat Efrem made some remarkable statements that resonated. He said,

“It is natural for nations to go through various internal and external challenges. Nations that fail to overcome these challenges however, will fail. Eritrea will face these challenges in various forms and that we must overcome as there is no other option. If there is a crack in the boat it will sink. Eritrea is like a boat and the enemies’ main goal is to create a crack and we must ensure that the Eritrean boat will not rack. Or, if there is a small droplet of blood from a splinter of a finger, all the fish in the sea will clamor to nibble at you and kill you. Hence we must ensure that we do not bleed and invite the sharks.”

The quoted statements above reveal a mindset. It reveals a heart-of-steel and expresses what it takes to survive. And once out of the survival stage-what it takes to persevere onto the next stage to live life to the fullest as a nation. This is a mindset that the struggle for independence bestowed upon the people and leaders of Eritrea. As a result, independent thinking, self-reliance and a-can-do attitude is serving Eritrea well. And the independent path Eritrea follows today is investment for future generations to enjoy.
Eritrea is an enigma to the foreign eye. Many are confused by Eritrea. They don’t understand what is taking place in Eritrea. It is new, complicated and sophisticated. Those who follow Africa have witnessed country after country going through cycles of unrest and downward trajectory that degraded the security and stability of these countries substantially. Many are failing.

To the contrary, despite of all the ill attempts on the very sovereignty of Eritrea the people and government are managing to withstand and reverse the trajectory. Eritrea showed unprecedented resilience and how to stand and triumph against active and passive forces. They have thrown everything including the kitchen-and-bathroom sinks and failed. They waged wars and when that failed they embarked on asymmetric warfare with highest levels of sophistication. They amassed the European Union and directed them to direct hostilities against Eritrea. They targeted youth and  failed


From Struggle To Struggle

Many wagered Eritrea to fail six months after minority TPLF regime in Ethiopia unleashed reckless wars on the people of Eritrea. After Eighteen years it is obvious their calculations were false.

If one is to look at the prevailing peace and the development activities taking place in Eritrea vis-à-vis the region namely Yemen, Djibouti, South Sudan, Egypt and particularly Ethiopia, countries the West babied with utmost care, are barely hanging for dear life. This shows that Western agendas have failed failing the countries that they propped.
On the other hand, Eritrea, a nation they sanctioned, shunned, sentenced to death, denied her rights to self-defense etc. managed to rebuff their machinations with unprecedented resoluteness. Eritrea is at a unique stage on a path towards major success. On a recent Eritrean gathering in Washington DC Ambassador Girma Asmerom said,

“There are three key points that those who know Eritrea know very well. A) Eritrea is rich with unlimited resources. Fish alone can sustain our economy. B) Eritrea is in one of the most strategic waterways of the world on the Red Sea. C) The most important resource of Eritrea is her people.”

Recent developments pertaining to the Saudi led coalition against terror that Eritrea is a part of is the best example of Eritrea’s resilience-based success. Eritrea is the pillar of the coalition. As ambassador Girma said, Eritrea is one of the most important strategic locations of the world and as such one of the most coveted diplomatic and strategic partner in the region.

The absent-minded minority clique in Ethiopia aided by its ill-informed misguided handlers thought that they can lever Eritrea as a bargaining chip indefinitely while offering nothing else in return. They called it “No war and No Peace”. They believed occupying Eritrean territories, applying pressure and using continuous threat of force can ward-off investors and strategic-partners indefinitely. However, the path they designed to control the fate Eritrea turned out to be futile miscalculation. Look at the state of Ethiopia today, it is on the verge of total collapse.

Understanding Eritrea’s Blessings
When everything around Eritrea is shaking Eritrea is standing firm. Eritrea is surrounded by nations that are on shaky grounds. Yet, Eritrea showed that the foundation is anchored deep and that it is unshakeable.

Just yesterday, Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan made a pact to encircle Eritrea and suffocate her from existence. How are they doing now? Sudan was split in to two. Yemen is leaderless and in chaos. Ethiopia is on the verge of collapse.

Hence the prevailing peace that many take for granted is what people in many countries pray for. The people of Eritrea enjoy tremendous peace. Peace is the key ingredient to success. Of course, the hardship imposed on the people by outside pressure is not easy. However, the people have chosen to persevere, understanding that the future is bright. They have been through this under much worse conditions.

Preserving Valuable Freedom
Freedom is not free. To ensure freedom Eritrea paid and is paying dearly. Because the mental freedom, freedom from dependency and freedom to choose their destiny is empowering the people to build a future of their own making. The greatest gift of the struggle for independence of Eritrea is that it freed Eritrea from mental slavery.
Eritreans are truly free.

How can Eritreans ensure the preservation of this valuable freedom? How to enjoy freedom born from sacrifices? How can Eritrea take it to a level that all her children can enjoy long term in peace and harmony as one? The first thing is to recognize what you have. Secondly, be grateful of what you have. Based on that one can work on adding onto the blessings.

As Eritrea embarks on the 25 years of independence, recognizing that Eritrea stood as one under extremely difficult circumstances is empowering. Eritrea has defeated her enemies and fought a war of attrition against the lords of war and emasculated their venom. Hence, Eritreans must learn from the past 25 years and use it as inspiration to look forward for the next 25 years. If Eritrea can achieve this much under duress; what will Eritrea achieve in the next 25 after defeating a mortal enemy, laying solid foundation and platform. Only sky is the limit.

Eritrea is a tried and proven country without a doubt. The enemies and their minions that pretend to be Eritrean have exhausted all means and resources and they are dropping like flies. The question that every Eritrean needs to ask is what role I can play to ensure a bright future.

What Eritrea needs is simple. Eritrea needs her people to safeguard her sovereignty, build the social and physical infrastructure. Eritrea needs her people to understand that they need to remain united always and grow within their communities no matter where. They need to build their communities for the benefit of future generation. Eritrea needs her people to sell and promote Eritrea. Eritrea needs her people to buy Eritrea, promote their culture, music, clothing, food, products and services. Eritrea needs her people to maintain the image of gallantry and fight those that that try to sally the name. Eritrea needs her people to fight for her existence and prosperity with all their might, all the time.
For their honor
Awet N-Hafash Hizbi Eritrea

Photos Courtesy Ghideon Musa Aron  

Eritrea Foiling Wars by Other Means

Eritrea Foiling Wars by Other Means
Amanuel Biedemariam

The Tigrayan Minority apartheid regime is crumbling, falling- apart and is at the precipice of total annihilation. That is welcome news for the people of Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Eritrea.

Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) betrayed Eritrea. Betting on the fall of government of Eritrea and with the support of their western handlers, the late master-traitor in-chief Meles Zenawi was on a quest to destroy Eritrea once and for all.

In 1999, while waging senseless war and mass deportation, the ruthless genocidal Meles Zenawi, when asked about the deportation of Eritreans bragged,

“When we say go because we don’t like the color of your eyes, you must go.” And proceeded with heinous acts throughout his reign.

The Tigrayan minority regime is responsible for the lives of over 20,000 youth. The TPLF waged successive wars that lasted three years and internally displaced nearly one million Eritreans. The TPLF robbed Eritrean businesses and forcefully deported 80,000 Eritreans from their homes in Ethiopia in a manner designed to humiliate and demean them. And so on…

Eritrea foiled successive military campaigns and frustrated the regime and its sponsors. And as time went on, Tigrayan minority clan realized conventional war alone was not going to defeat Eritrea. Thence, Meles recycled methods his predecessors used. Divide, weaken and rule. Meles pulled all stops to accomplish regime change and to control Eritrea. His favorite move, try to elevate Eritrean quisling league, make them feel relevant and give them marching orders. He invited them to Menelik Palace to give orders that they follow to this day. One by one these traitors took pictures with genocidal war-criminal that brutalized mothers, kids and families.

Meles’s approach was a saving grace to the treasonous lost-souls like Tesfaldet Meharena, Amaniel Iyasu, and the Awate fundamentalist extremist-klan Salih G-hadi who like to pursue TPLF’s agenda. Eritrea divided by region, ethnicity, politics and religion.

One message Meles wanted to send Eritreans is that they are welcome back to Ethiopia to regain properties he took. And he exploited these traitors to pass-on this message. And slowly, some greedy, immoral, irresponsible, traitors started to go to Addis Ababa to reclaim their property.

Meles’s next move was Eritrean youth. He expanded his message to encourage youth flight from inside Eritrea. This is another assault on Eritrea. Countless Eritrean youth were displaced with false promises. Kids were wooed by speedy asylum promise in Europe and North America. They enticed thousands of kids to flee their homes and fell prey to TPLF’s human trafficking rings.

The Tigrayan clan did all they can to destroy Eritrea. The amount of resources wasted, time spent hatching ill strategies, time spent lobbying/bullying African leaders, time lost colluding with western powers and money spent could have changed Ethiopia and the region for better. The crowning achievement of the TPLF is the sanction they colluded with Susan Rice to pass.

Every Eritrean must ask what were the purposes of the sanction? What did they want to achieve?

Sanctions are designed to be the worst forms of death sentence. It is slow painful death. It is designed to tear apart nations piece by piece. It is designed to frustrate people and encourage them to rise against their leaders and governments. It is designed to decimate institutions. It is hostile act designed to weaken and render nations defenseless. That is what arms embargo mean. It is a declaration of war. It is continuation of the war. It is not designed to help or bring better future for any nation. It is war by other means.
Think about the size of army Eritrea is forced to deploy on the border with Ethiopia and Djibouti. Think about length of time the youth are forced to spend in Asab, in the heat. Think about the money that Eritrea is forced to spend on the military. Think about the economic hardship, the banking restrictions the sanctions brought on the system. Think about lost-opportunities to develop tourism; industrial development opportunities curtailed as result, shortages of electricity and water people are forced to endure. Think about medicine, education etc.

In short Eritrea was blocked from conducting trade. The arms embargo denies Eritrea the right to self-defense. The sanction denied Eritrea from conducting regular international business and banking related activities. And since the arms embargo uses broad language and parameters, it is impossible to determine what constitutes ARMS. Worse yet, countries have no recourse or ways to get justice or fight the sanctions. Lynching by other means.

The government and people of Eritrea knew this. On a recent seminar in Washington DC, His Excellency Foreign Minister Osman Saleh told Eritreans, “We bought machinery for developmental projects and we are not able to get delivery because many countries are afraid to violate the sanction.” Hence, machinery designed to better lives are not available for the people.

However, Eritrea weathered these challenges with balance. In one hand defending, and on the other building future under extreme duress. If there is one word that describe Eritrea over the last 19 years, it is RESILIENCE. The people of Eritrea showed unprecedented level of patience, determination, doggedness and resilience.
The brilliance of Eritrea was demonstrated slowly but surely. Eritrea managed to weaken all enemies and the tools they used against her. The minority clique is in its death bed on respirator as a result. Suddenly, countries that used the Tigrayan Minority clique as a tool/stick, namely Washington and western partners found, their hands to be ineffective and agendas they used against Eritrea backfired.

Shifting Trajectories                                                                                                                         The minority Tigrayan regime in Ethiopia is no longer what Western powers intended it to be. Washington worked hard to make Ethiopia anchor state to direct its agendas in the region and beyond. Washington wanted to use Ethiopian army as extension to of US army. However, today, it is clear to US representatives, State Department and the Pentagon; working its agenda through the minority regime will not bear fruit. Washington is clear about this now.

The TPLF is mired in internal power struggle. Aa result, some are leaving the party, some got demoted and accusations of corruption against high ranking officials such as Bereket Simon persist. The regime is faced with internal crisis creating fear about the future.
For example, on October 6, Brigadier General Melaku Shiferaw who came to the US for global security coalition against ISIS absconded and asked for asylum in the US. This is high ranking army officer US military depended-on to fight ISIS and the war on terror. This could-not give American military leaders confidence because it is an indicator of much larger rift within the regime’s military.

As the uprising gain-momentum and strength, the minority apartheid regime is losing grip. Money is running out faster than they can count. Hard currency in Ethiopia is none existent. The country is forced to sell sugar at a loss to Kenya to acquire hard currency. Foreign investors are forced to flee because their investments are burning. Turkey, China, India and others are losing investments in areas of protests. TPLF is losing control of the nation as it is unable to protect international investments. This demonstrate government’s inability to control the nation.

Worse yet, the biggest investor in Ethiopia, Mohammed Al Amoudi is in Saudi jail for corruption. On a recent piece, “Sheik Mohamed Al Amoudi Arrest in Saudia and its Implications to Ethiopia,” Nov 5, 2017, this author penned,

“It is the biggest disruption that the TPLF has ever seen. It is disruption that will destroy the banking system. The vast sums of money he controlled worked as engine for many sectors of the country’s economy and way of life. It is certain all his money was controlled by him and the TPLF cannot and will not have access to it. As a result, shortage of hard currency will worsen. Secondly, Al Amoudi has vast array of services and hundreds of thousands of employees that work for him in agriculture, Agro-processing, educating and training, plastic/ product, building, construction, metal work, mining, transportation, retail, management, health system to mention some. These are institutions with extensive spin-off effect in the economies of the regions they operate. These are institutions that directly affect the way the country operates. The arrest of Al Amoudi is therefore certain to disrupt the flow of these institutions immediately because the controller of the money is Al Amoudi. Disruption of money-flow will undoubtedly be immediate, and it will impact payroll and operations. That means Midroc-Ethiopia, Al Amoudi’s conglomerate in Ethiopia will disintegrate. In other words, the people that work for him will soon find themselves unemployed.”

Money is also running out because Europe is facing internal political and economic hardship. And the policies they pursued became a major reason for the influx of refugees that created instability in many parts of Europe. As a result, and due to continuous human rights violations by the Ethiopia regime, Europe is not as generous as they once were.

Tigrayan Minority Clique’s Moves Debunked
In 1998-2000, when the TPLF waged wars against Eritrea, it managed to turn Ethiopian people against Eritrea. Today, the minority clique is being hunted by the people of Ethiopia who want to cooperate with Eritrea. The army is divided. High-level government officials and military officers are defying the regime publicly and defecting. These are the realities in Ethiopia today.

The minority Tigrayan clique tried to manage the army and Ethiopian affairs by applying divide and rule tactic. They tried to destroy nationalism by employing federal system designed to divide. TPLF created satellite political parties based on ethnic identities. TPLF established loyal satellite businesses and administrative personnel that serve its needs.

These corrupt personalities have acted as thermostat to control situations throughout the nation. They are there to inform, advise, bribe, appease, threaten, kill or an anything they deemed necessary to maintain the status quo.
After 26 years of abuse, Ethiopians have said enough and have learned to fight it. They are burning businesses, factories and trucks and have placed the agents on notice further diminishing the reach TPLF enjoyed for a while.

TPLF’s agenda in Somalia failed. TPLF invaded Somalia for temporary gain at the expense of the future of the region. It helped mess up Somalia. The crimes against humanity the genocidal regime committed is biblical in proportion with lasting sting.
In South Sudan the regime made a mess of US-agenda and helped it descend to chaos and civil war.

The only saving grace the regime has is Sudan. Omar Hassan al-Bashir is the only strategic partner that it can rely on.

The TPLF once used the UN, UNSC and EU, it exploited African Union (AU) headquarters to do its bidding. With help of Susan Rice and others the TPLF managed to embed its agendas and did damage.

However, today, shifting alliances in the Middle East, war in Yemen, the election of Donald Trump and other developments have changed the geopolitical dynamics and made the Tigrayan minority regime irrelevant.

This historic momentum is pushing Washington to reassess its policies and change course not only in Ethiopia but the region. It is a moment in history when policies of EU and other countries are shifting drastically.

Thus, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, EPRDF’s rule in Ethiopia can-no longer assert its authority, be effective diplomatically, maintain trade relations, keep its fiscal house in order, contain and sustain institutions of the country.

The TPLF did not cultivate nationalism. It cultivated ethnic nationalism. And naturally, the military reflects the makeup of the nation. The apartheid TPLF regime is from Tigray, a region that represent 6% of Ethiopia’s 100,000, 000 population. Yet, 95% of the command post is controlled by individuals from Tigray. No one Ethiopian considers the army to be the representative of the nation. It is not Ethiopian army. Hence, TPLF cannot wage wars with army it cannot manage confidently. It is mercenary military that works for global powers in the name of Ethiopia. Exiled Ethiopian air force pilot was quoted as saying,

“If I die while serving TPLF, I died as mercenary not as Ethiopian soldier!”

The TPLF waged sustained military campaigns against Eritrea and failed. It has done all it can to topple the leadership and failed. The TPLF has long acknowledged No War No Peace strategy failed. Sanctions and all the subversive activities have failed and backfired. It is desperate for a way out. And to find solutions it has been meeting in Tigray for over a month.

Eritrea remains their focal point. The Tigrayan clique still believes, if they can somehow inflict damage and topple Eritrea, all their woes disappear. But the only option left, is trying to create division between Eritreans by any means necessary. To that end, and as a last-ditch effort, multi-pronged strategy to attack the unity and harmony of Eritrea is currently at play.

On one hand, TPLF is campaigning for the hearts and minds of Eritreans. While on the other, TPLF is actively funding, arming extremist religious groups, exploiting few regionalists and pressing for more sanctions to push its agendas.
They have targeted Eritrean culture and music to disarm Eritreans in the diaspora. To that end, TPLF is recruiting Eritrean musicians to play alongside Ethiopians. Social media is abuzz with Eritrea Ethiopia peace messages. They are actively courting Eritrean students in universities all around US and Canada to create “Habasha” Abyssinia grouping.

But can these approaches succeed? How can they expect Eritreans to forget what the Tigrayan minority apartheid clique has done? How can they expect Eritreans to forget, 20,000 dead? How can they expect to win friendship while they are actively trying to extend sanctions designed to hurt Eritreans?

Concluding Remarks                                                                                                                      War by other means is psychological-warfare, economic-warfare, it is war against culture and nationalism. The TPLF employed all its resources and played zero-sum game that it has no chance of winning. In the process, inflicted unnecessary suffering in the region. Today, biggest problem Ethiopia and the region face is the TPLF and its stubborn desire to continue this path.

Tigrayan minority apartheid clique is desperate because they are staring at the open gates of hell. Their grip is long-gone. They have lost control, no money, no geopolitical leverage except the mercenary military that brutalizes people. Even the TPLF agents in the diaspora are in hiding because people are exposing those who received asylum with false statements as Eritreans.

Eritrea is on the other hand, is on a much better path. The hardest and most difficult sting of all their attempts are behind her. Electrification, water resources, agriculture, education, medicine and all the campaigns designed to place Eritrea on a path of development are in place. The foundation for growth and the platform for the future are laid with Eritrean ingenuity and might.

Peace is the only viable option. Hence, all affected must work together to rid of this vermin.
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