EPLF HGDEF Vision Room Interview with Amanuel Biedemariam

On Saturday August 4, 2018 I expressed my views on the current developments in our region, the peace agreement with Ethiopia, sanctions, geopolitical juxtaposition in the region, Eritrean community and the challenges we endured to get to where we are with EPLF HGDEF VISION ROOM Pal-talk. I discussed Tigray People’s Liberation Front and how it is using Tigrai region as human shields. I was compelled to get out and share my views to provide perspective. Please enjoy.



What Eritrea Achieved with the Peace Deal with Ethiopia

Amanuel Biedemariam

July 19, 2018             

Peace is not lottery price that you win by gambling. Peace is not something we can buy or barter to get. Peace is not something that is handed as gift. Peace is a decision, a commitment for tranquil, quiet life free from disturbance. Peace is a decision a commitment to life-free from hostilities, wars and violence.

Eritrea suffered mightily due to the unwarranted Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) aggression that held peace hostage for twenty years. The people of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, development agendas of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the African Union were artificially suppressed from conducting regular activities for lack of peace.

The Horn of Africa was in suspense unable to conduct normal business because the TPLF hampered movement of people, goods and services. Trade was halted in the entire region because the minority TPLF regime decided to play zero-sum game to defeat Eritrea by all means. Came Ethio

What did Eritrea try to achieve and achieved with the peace deal?

The number one achievement of the agreement is “wining peace” with Ethiopia! Because peace is catalyst to development, prosperity and stability. Without peace nothing is possible. Peace requires confidence, trust and willingness. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s call for peace with Eritrea was the right call and the response by President Isais Afewerki shows that Eritrea was waiting for the right partner. The response was swift.

To move forward with the agenda of peace and normalization however, clearing hurdles to peace was crucial. Because for peace to take hold, the implementation of the Border agreement must take center stage.

By signing the agreement, the government of Ethiopia agreed to the full implementation of the Algiers Agreement. Which means, there is absolutely no border issues with Ethiopia from this point forward. Eritrea and Ethiopia share a long boundary, 1033 Kilometers in length. From now-on none of it is in dispute. That is the second most important stage of the agreement.

By ending the dispute, Eritrea and Ethiopia will free money once squandered to protect the boundaries. Both sides can now use the resources once used for armaments to build a future. That is a major immediate achievement. Not to mention the incredible human resources both countries were forced to commit that will now be freed to help develop new found economic opportunities.

It will free the borders. Hence, traditional border control is all that is needed to enable the natural flow of goods and services. That can and will facilitate cross-border trade and at some-point, natural flow of people across borders for personal reasons. 

Because of the tone the leaders set, more than ever, peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia is possible. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Eritrea which was immediately reciprocated by President Isaias Afewerki’s historic visit, the reaction of the people on both sides was something that history will revere for a long time because the rapprochement was unlike anything the world has ever seen.  People

The outburst of affection and desire to leave the hostilities behind and look forward was simply unexpected pleasant surprise. None of us were ready for the good news to take place as fast and the way it came about. The rapprochement that took place between Eritrea and Ethiopia is unlike anything we have seen before because it touches so many issues at one time making transition from hostilities to peace-time a lot easier.

The reasons being: A) Eritrea and Ethiopia have clearly identified the obstacle to peace. B) Both people have said enough and rendered the enemy impotent. C) They were hungry for change from the suffering and acrimony. D) They wanted economic freedom and movement. E) They wanted peace to achieve their goals and aspirations.

And for the first time, the stars were aligned, and everything worked-out including the sentiment of the people.

The sentiment of the people of Eritrea was natural when they expressed unreserved affection during Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s visit of Eritrea. The outburst of emotion by Eritrean people was inspiration to the people of Ethiopia that in turn used what Eritrea did as example and received President Isaias with exceptional level of hospitality. Erppl flg

Eritreans and Ethiopians embraced each other, showed love and expressed peace-gestures similarly and expressed it by the way they welcomed their leaders. It was love-fest between two countries in a manner unseen before.

People were glued to their television sets, internet and smartphones for days on-end to witness these historic events. It was full of suspense and intrigue. The possibility that things can go wrong was in the minds of everyone. But what became immediately clear was that the people of both countries were determined to ensure the success of the visits. People took it upon themselves to protect and safeguard the festivities. It was remarkable historic achievement for both peoples. Pppl

The implementation of Algiers Agreement comes with dividends that people in both countries want and for the first time, both leaders are willing to take it upon themselves and took necessary steps to push for normalization.

The third and significant achievement of the rapprochement is the recognition of the Independence of Eritrea by the people of Ethiopia.

The independence of Eritrea in 1991, ushered the fall of Derg and the ascension of the Tigray People’s Liberation front (TPLF) to power in Ethiopia. At the time, and after bloody 17 years of the military rule of Col. Mengistu Hailemariam, the people of Ethiopia were uncertain about the transition that took place. It was unexpected change with unfamiliar leaders. 

Shocked and in denial, Ethiopia moved-on for about six years without processing the transition until the TPLF declared war against Eritrea in 1998. After the war started, it was easy to notice the pent-up emotions that was revealed, albeit deliberately stoked by TPLF in pursuit of its interest. The outburst of emotions in the streets of Addis after Badme was infiltrated by Ethiopian troops was evidence to the point.

At the time, the TPLF managed to bring all Ethiopians against Eritrea. The anger expressed then, the call to take Eritrea back and if that fails to take Assab was the bait TPLF used to keep the anti-Eritrea sentiment and campaign alive.

However, not long after the war ended, the people of Ethiopia recognized the brut nature of the TPLF and its evil agendas. Today, it is safe to say, all Ethiopians and Eritrea have identified their true enemy and have united approach on how to deal with it. And it is quite evident, the TPLF is no match for the collective power of the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia! The TPLF is an island, encircled by powerful peace-loving people on both sides.
It is ironic, for a long time the TPLF used Eritrea as wedge and to galvanize the Ethiopian people. Today, it is safe to say, the desire to get rid of TPLF gangsters is one key reason the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea came together so quickly.

The twenty-year separation, conflicts and, the no war no peace suspense and the negative impact it brought to the lives of both people was good-enough reason to look for alternative and the alternative is peace.

The people of Ethiopia had twenty years to process the fact Eritrea is a nation independent from Ethiopia. Regardless of what some revisionist tries to inculcate in the minds of the youth and the gullible; Eritrea is independent nation recognized by the United Nations as member nation.

Hence, when Dr. Abiy announced he wanted to make peace with Eritrea and followed through with announcement that Ethiopia will implement fully the Algiers agreement and expressed willingness to normalize relations;  the people of Ethiopia embraced it fully without qualifications.

Therefore, implementation of the Algiers Agreement, the call for peace and normalization of relations paved ways for the people of Ethiopia to accept Eritrea as a nation.

That culminated when both countries exchanged leaders for State visits and were both accorded warm welcome. Most significantly, they pushed for normalization quickly and reopened the Embassies.

The flag raising ceremony attended by President Isaias and Dr. Abiy will be remembered Bandera Addisas the most significant turning point in the history of both nations. Reopening the embassy is symbolic because it signifies the resumption of relations between the two countries as sovereign entities.

That is a significant achievement only made possible by unwavering commitment and sacrifices the people of Eritrea made to ensure this day happened. To underscore the significance, one must listen carefully to the announcement President Isaias made on July 13, during Sawa graduation ceremony. He said,

“The prevailing situation in Eritrea and Ethiopia is unique in that it represents the renewed freedom for the two countries.”

The battle against the TPLF and its handlers was continuation of the struggle for independence! Nothing more and nothing less. With the agreement: peace was attained, they agreed to end war, implement the Algiers Agreement, resume bilateral relations, cooperate in many areas especially security and will work for regional issues together.


Peace has it dividends. Travel, economic cooperation, developing bilateral relations, people to people relations, cultural, sport and related activities-based relations etc. Partnering on security matters is incredibly important in thwarting threats of any kind. What has been achieving thus fur is remarkable.

There has been some confusion on social media about the agreements and implementation of it. The reality however, the focus should be on the main issues that were at one time barriers to peace.

That is, to ensure that the borders are defined in accordance with the final and binding ruling and the second and most profound point is to ensure the people of Ethiopia recognize Eritrea as a nation, peacefully. Everything else is a plus.

The people of Eritrea have already proved that they can secure and safeguard the sovereignty of the nation. The security agreement ensures further Eritrean rights to deal with the undesirable threats from within Ethiopia if they come up. Like the extremist groups that the TPLF trained for years.

Hence, now that the Ethiopian issue is settled, and normalization is on track, the future is bright. Eritrea’s quest for freedom free from existential threats is achieved. The people of Eritrea have done incredible job establishing infrastructure and mindset ready for the next phase.

It is not complete, but, now that we-are where want to be, it is time to focus on developing the social, political, economic, physical-infrastructure and develop human resources capacity. It is time ensure Eritrea has a transparent governance structure that reflect the needs of the people. For that to happen, we must all play our roles from wherever we are by contributing whatever to ensure a bright future.

Congratulations the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia for peace. Praise to his Excellency President Isaias Afewerki and His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed for charting a new path to peaceful coexistence.

Note: On a previous article, I wrote Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is Another Messenger of TPLF. I admit, I was wrong. And I am glad that I was because it turned out that Dr. Abiy Ahmed is a messenger of peace and love.                                      

Glory to our Martyrs!

The Fall of TPLF and the Quislings League

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

The biggest mistake the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) ever made was to pick a fight against the people of Eritrea. It was a mistake to betray Eritrea, betray EPLF. It was historic miscalculation that will cost them for a long time to come. Their moves were short sighted, poorly thought-out and it was a gamble of historic proportions that they lost. They gambled everything at their disposal to defeat Eritrea so they can dominate but lost everything.

The TPLF confidently gambled, thinking, as long as the US is on their side, any nation-let alone a nation coming out of liberation struggle cannot stand a chance against the wrath of the US. The TPLF gambled they can kill Eritrea in her infancy before gaining any footing. They lost that gamble. Because Eritrea is standing and standing tall as they crumble.

The Tigrayan-TPLF led regime in Ethiopia, in cooperation with Washington, gambled that they can disarm Eritrean nationalism by demoralizing, discouraging and making Eritreans feel helpless using psychological warfare strategies for nearly 20 years and failed. The best such example is when the TPLF expelled 80,000 Eritreans out of Ethiopia in the most humiliating fashion masterminded by the late Meles Zenawi, who, when asked why Eritreans that lived in Ethiopia for decades are deported; he answered, “If we don’t like the color of their eyes we will deport them.” That was done to demoralize but the gamble failed because they are now contributing to the development of Eritrea.

The TPLF assumed ethnic and religious divide will tear Eritrea apart. They also believed if Ethiopia stops trading with Eritrea, the economy will collapse in no time. TPLF gambled, under pressure Eritrea will collapse in six months. Eritrea is still standing and standing tall.

As continuation of the military campaigns of 1998-2000, the TPLF aligned with Sudan and Yemen to encircle Eritrea and suffocate her out of existence. The alliance was short lived because Eritrea masterminded brilliant Sudan strategy based on savvy military and political maneuvers that brought President Beshir to his senses and won Eritrea a prominent strategic space inside Sudan. This was another miscalculation and yes, TPLF gambled with the strength of Sudan and Yemen and failed.

The Tigaryan led regime exploited instability in Somalia first by invading the helpless nation on December 25, 2006 and secondly by connecting Eritrea to Al Shabab with lies that ultimately led to Eritrean sanctions. The battery on the people of Somalia by TPLF was relentless. It was genocide that will impact Somalia for a long time.

Now, the world knows Eritrea has nothing to do with Al-Shabab. What is lost, however, is the regional agenda of economic integration through cooperation and under the umbrella of one regional group and ultimately Africa. Of course, the minority regime was acting as a puppet to its masters. However, their unprincipled prostitution has led to countless deaths and set back the region’s economic potential by decades. This was yet another gamble that they lost. It is like a slot machine that gives you pennies and take away all your money. The TPLF gambled away the future of the region for temporary gain so they can get paid as UN African peace keeping force.

TPLF regime was relentless and did all it can to bring Eritrea to her knees. TPLF exploited UN, undermined agreement it signed with Eritrea, occupied Eritrean territories that it refuses to vacate, declared no-war, no-peace situation and pursued regime change against Eritrea openly.

The TPLF used its leverage in Djibouti and enlisted the leadership against Eritrea. The TPLF and Djibouti waged military campaigns against Eritrea in June of 2008 and were defeated badly. They ignited the conflict and turned around and blamed Eritrea. This was designed to make Eritrea look like the aggressor. Soon thereafter the Bush Administration pushed Arab league (AL) and some African countries to condemn Eritrea at the UN automatically without any investigation. At the time the Arab League was another puppet organization that parroted the Bush administration. In fact, the AL worked against its interests. Lo and behold, Eritrea outmaneuvered the schemers. And whose side are the Arab League with today? TPLF’s gamble failed.

TPLF’s mischief on the people of Eritrea are countless to detail. The Tigrayan led minority regime in Ethiopia tried to do serious damage to the economy, youth and life of the people of Eritrea. It tried to setback Eritrea’s development strategies by disrupting Eritrean life. TPLF tried to disrupt all aspects of Eritrean life negatively by tying Eritrean workforce on the border to defend their nation instead of serving the nation to rebuild. That is another gamble. The TPLF undermined Eritrean resolve to its detriment.
When TPLF started war the entire Ethiopian population was misled to side with the minority Tigrayan regime against Eritrea. Today, the entire Ethiopian population has sided with Eritrea. After the war failed as continuation No-war-no-peace strategy of attrition was initiated. Eritrea rendered the No-war-no -peace strategy mute and motionless. Eritrea’s resolve is tried and true. This was another futile gamble TPLF lost.

The Cowards, Scalawags and Quisling League’s Demise

As part of its asymmetric warfare against Eritrea, the Tigrayan led minority regime enlisted few disgruntled Eritreans to do its dirty bids. These are true losers in every sense. Shameless brutes that saw no shame in working with Tigrayans that are hell-bent to turn Eritrea into hell on earth.

These quisling-league-gangsters are unabashed in their betrayal in pursuit of ill-conceived agendas-based on regionalism, extremist-religious views, nepotism, greed and sheer hunger for power. These traitors are gambling partners to the TPLF.

They gambled against Eritrea. They tried to gamble away hard won independence, Eritrean nationalism, Eritrea’s future, and gambled with the lives of Eritrea’s youth and gambled in the name of Eritrea with the life of Eritreans everywhere in the world.

Whilst they are the smallest fish in the pond; they tried to seal indelible mark on the future of Eritrea. To mention some:

  • Alongside their Tigrayan TPLF masters, they campaigned the US State Department and demonstrated to urge US authorities to stop food aid in the midst of the 2000 war with the TPLF.
  • At the behest of their masters in Europe and the US, they waged sustained campaigns against Eritrea to destroy Eritrea’s name, reputation, legacies and every value that nurtures Eritrean pride. They work extremely hard on all western, and TPLF initiated campaigns that are designed to destabilize Eritrea. They campaign to encourage Eritrean youth to flee and led many to the sea of death some are languishing in Tigray, in Sudan and all around the world as direct result of their campaigns. Contrary to their agenda the youth are going back and contributing to their nation’s developmental endeavors.
  • These are cowards that found comfort in the bosoms of TPLF’s monstrosity. These cowards pump their chests every opportunity they get from their homes in the west as if they own the world. When in reality they are the yes men and women of their Tigrayan masters. TPLF pays them stipends and their livelihood depends on it. These cowards can only do what their Tigrayan master’s order them to do.

True story. A person that fits the perfect definition of a loser went to AddisAbaba from Washington DC prior to the June 12, 2016 military campaign the TPLF waged against Eritrea. He went as part of the government on exile that the TPLF made-up to replace the government of Eritrea. He is now back in DC to his failed life.

These coward losers were, and remain integral part of all TPLF, Washington, Western campaigns against Eritrea. Human rights, COI, List of countries that sponsor terror, sanctions, campaigns to stop development aid, military intervention campaigns and the list could go on and it is endless. They are and have been in it 100%!

Eritrean Resolve, The Antidote

The people of Eritrea cannot gamble or make moves for temporary gain at the expense of the future and sell the principled stands that helped propel Eritrea to independence. The Eritrea path is unwavering as described well by the motto, “Let the camel march as the dogs bark.”

The dogs barked waving false flags, exploiting heroic names like Hamid Idris Awate and stealing and exploiting the names of Eritrea’s beloved cities like Asmara. They photographed with genocidal killer, the late TPLF chief-gambler TPLF gang leader Meles Zenawi as if they were in Hollywood with a celebrity.

The shelf life of the TPLF is short relative to the history of the world. Twenty-five or twenty-six years may feel like eternity. However, the gambles they made on the people of the region was serious but temporary. And they have lost and lost big.

Today, Ethiopia is awake and ready to gobble the minority criminal Tigrayan TPLF regime like a Thanks Giving turkey mercilessly. The people of Ethiopia now know clearly that the people and government of Eritrea are not the threat but friends. They know and understand the real threat is the TPLF and their minions that claim to be Eritreans.

The minions that the TPLF wanted to replace the government of Eritrea were at home in Addis Ababa. They were vacationing, building homes and doing business with the minority regime. Food for thought. What happens to an American that travelled to Cuba when US and Cuban relations were at odds? Well, those that travelled to Addis must have thought along those lines. Instead, they went and touted the developments TPLF made in Addis while deriding everything Eritrea. They did it because they believed that the TPLF will win. They gambled with the TPLF that the government of Eritrea will capitulate. They gambled and lost big.

Sudan was the first home of these coward quisling league carpetbaggers. However, when Sudan fixed its relations with Eritrea they thought home was Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. That quickly changed as all these countries realigned their positions and relations with Eritrea. Today, Ethiopia is out of reach and very far as the TPLF is being chased out of mainland Ethiopia. Where is their next home going to be? They will be homeless as there is no room for terrorists in the region because Eritrea is cleaning the region.


As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” What the Tigrayan minority TPLF clique and its coward minions partnered to achieve by gambling has failed. It failed because the people of Eritrea foiled it.

The unrelenting barrage of assault on the people Eritrea was in a sense a blessing in disguise that enriched the resolve of the people. The people of Eritrea know and understand, to thrive as nation they must withstand all kinds of pressures and stand tall by challenging the challenges head on. The people of Eritrea have answered the challenge and defeated the minority Tigray People’s Liberation Front and its coward minions. Today the TPLF is like a chicken with its head cut-off jumping from place to place headless until it dies

Ethiopia: TPLF’s Strategy of Chaos

By Elias Amare

I see the ranting gibberish of this Tigrayan “academic” operative of the TPLF —Mehari Yohannes by name, a lecturer of political science at Mekelle University, which gives you an idea of the abysmal state of education in Tigray — as nothing but an extension of the TPLF’s “Strategy of Chaos”.

But, if there is any doubt in any quarter, we emphasize that what this guy is talking about is absolute nonsense. There is no space for any political movement or entity called “Tigray-Tigrigni” or “Agazian” in Eritrea — maybe this exists in the wild fantasies of the Weyane, but never in Eritrea. There is no people called “Tigray” or “Habesha” in Eritrea. There are only Eritreans. Period — ኣርባዕተ ነጥቢ።

There’s no doubt that it’s “Game Over” for the TPLF in Ethiopia. But, we must also note that the TPLF is now like a wounded beast. It’s not going to fold and call it quits as you would expect any rational political actor would do. It’s not going to easily give up its stranglehold on power in Ethiopia that it has been monopolizing for the last 27 years. It will fight back with all kinds of trickery and violence in its arsenal.

Events in the past week in Ethiopia, and the series of urgent conferences the wounded TPLF beast has been conducting in Mekelle, support my thesis of “TPLF’s Strategy of Chaos” that I wrote over two months ago. Whether it will be allowed to succeed to unleash this chaos scenario is, of course, dependent on many factors outside the control of TPLF — both inside Ethiopia and the global Ethiopian body politic, as well as the immediate region, and geopolitical interests of global powers such as US, UK, Europe and China, etc. As I see it, intelligentsia agent provocateurs like this guy are nothing but desperate manipulations of the TPLF that is in deep crisis. Remember, mortally wounded as it is, the TPLF still possesses significant resources at its disposal:

* The military-security apparatus is still under its control, though PM Abiy Ahmed’s latest moves seem to slowly try to wrest control from the narrow clique to the state. So, it’s gonna be a tug-of-war between the formal state and the “deep kleptocratic state” of the Weyane.

* Getachew Assefa’s “Dihninet” security/intelligence network still has an estimated 100 thousand operatives — death-squad units, assassins, spies, informers, agent provocateurs, etc. — deployed throughout the country. This is a dangerous force for the popular movement of democratic reform.

* MONEY, which the TPLF kleptocracy has vast amounts of. And money is the root of all evil, as the saying goes.

In any case, we in Eritrea emphasize (especially to our Ethiopian brothers and sisters) that we will not rest until the TPLF cancer, its divisive sectarianism and its toxic expansionist nationalism, is completely-annihilated.

Neither Eritrea, nor Ethiopia, nor the Horn of Africa will find durable peace and stability unless and until the TPLF Weyane cancer is completely-destroyed.

Once Weyane is destroyed, there will be an opening for an era of new positive possibilities to be ushered in. We cannot afford to miss this historic opportunity. We are not condemned to repeat the vicious cycle of history of the past decades and what the historian Margaret Tuchman referred to as “The March of Folly”.

Here is what I wrote over two months ago on March 25 and posted on my timeline, just before the new Ethiopian Prime Minister was appointed:
So, what is this TPLF’s “Strategy of Chaos” in Ethiopia? Well, from our reading and analysis of situation on the ground, it entails several component factors:

• Contain and reverse the democratic gains that the people have achieved so far through their popular struggle in the past three years;

• Appear to ride the waves of reform, release some of the most prominent political prisoners, force the resignation of the figurehead Prime Minister, etc., in order to appease its Western donors and patrons;

• Immediately reinstate the “state of emergency” and martial rule through a “Command Post”;

• Target Oromia region and the OPDO for repressive measures;

• Unleash terror and violence throughout the country, but especially in the restive Oromia region;

• Paralyze the OPDO and its “reformist” allies in the in lengthy endless meetings of the EPRDF dangling the promise of Prime Ministerial position in front of it, while rapidly trying to create facts on the ground through violence;

• Create a wedge between the pro-reform elements within the OPDO and the Oromo masses, especially the Qeerroo youth leading the uprising; Also created a rift between the reformist wings of the OPDO, ANDM, and SEPDM

• Re-arrest the most prominent political prisoners recently released, and arrest thousands more, especially those in key Oromia region administrative positions;

• Continue the reign of terror at an escalated rate, foment “ethnic clashes” where possible in all the regional states (‘Killils”), except Tigray, of course.;

• Ultimately, restore TPLF’s hegemony of power;

• “Après nous, le déluge” (“After us, the flood”) – If the restoration of TPLF’s hegemony of the past 27 years is not possible, and the people continue their struggle nearing regime overthrow, the TPLF’s plan is to plunge the country into a state of endless civil war, inter-ethnic violence and chaos;

• TPLF then withdraws to Tigray with its loot and plunder of the past decades, secede, taking along with it contiguous states/regions such as Afar on the southeast, and Beni Shangul and Gumuz region on the west southwest. It has already annexed huge chunks of territory from Amhara region in Wolkait and Raya-Azebo. This is the culmination of the Greater Tigray dream that was enshrined in TPLF’s manifesto of 1976.
This seems to be the carefully planned TPLF’s “strategy of chaos” which may seem irrational to some analysts. But there is method and logic to this madness of the “strategy of chaos”. In the end, though, it is #GameOverTPLF! The question before the revolutionary progressive forces in Ethiopia is, should the TPLF be allowed initiative to carry on its “strategy of chaos” to its conclusion and bring about untold misery and destruction to the country?

Ethiopia: A Defining Moment for the People of Tigray





The Tiffany Hadish Story and Its Implication to Diaspora Eritreans

The Tiffany Haddish Story and Its Implication to Diaspora Eritreans
Amanuel Biedemariam

The best way one can describe Tiffany Haddish’s commitment to her heritage is, “Inspirational.”

Majority of the Eritrean youth and young adults in their thirties forties in the Diaspora today were raised by parents that came to the US and other countries in the eighties and early nineties. Their parents came from Eritrea through Sudan and other places escaping  death, imprisonment, torture and hardship from the hands of Ethiopian military. 


These Eritreans expressed their love for Eritrea in their daily lives. They lived, breathed, sang and played Eritrea every day. They gathered in Eritrean events, honored Eritrean heroes and supported Eritrean struggle for independence financially, morally and advocated for the Eritrean cause every day. Eritrea was in their heart. It was and remains their purpose, mission and life. They are dedicated backbone of Eritrea. They support their families and Eritrea at the same time equally. Eritreans have demonstrated to the world what it means to love a country, family and community as one.

The kids grew up in these environments and were influenced by it. They knew Eritrea emotionally and grew up loving Eritrea as their parents did. Their houses were decorated with Eritrean arts, souvenirs and memorabilia. They ate Eritrean food, listened to Eritrean music and grew up with Eritrean families in Eritrean communities. They went to all Eritrean events and wherever they travelled Eritrea travelled with them. 

Sandman Negus

They grew up understanding their obligations-aware of their responsibilities and know what it takes. They know it takes their commitment, time, dedication and sacrifices. They have learned that their heritage is extremely important and they are dedicated to lift and honor Eritrea. 

Eritreans have been enjoying these children flourish and bring Eritrea to the forefront lifting it like the EriAm sisters Haben, Salina and Lianda did when they burst to the seen in America Got Talent in 2009. These kids went as far as Sawa Eritrea with their parents and expressed their love for the people with music before they became the sensation the world knew them to be. 

YRB 2010 Art Issue Celebration
Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle is thriving, Layne Tadesse is keeping reggae alive and relevant everywhere he goes. The late Sandman Negus left indelible impression. Who can forget Shannon-Ogbani Abeda who made history as the first Eritrean from Africa to compete in Winter Olympics PyeongChang in 2018. There are more than can be mention here. These children are flourishing with Eritrea in their heart and mind. And their need to promote Eritrea is having impact on the life, perception, image, mood, self-esteem, pride and inspiring others. It is a great example how one can do good for the greater good. 

Layne Tadesse

The Tiffany Haddish story is no different from the stories above. What makes here story unique is that she elevated it to a new stratosphere. She took it to a level that is undeniable. She did it with pride, gleeful pride that is infectious. She did it with love and affection for her heritage. In one night, Tiffany brought Eritrea to the world. She inspired millions, particularly her peers. She placed Eritrea in Hollywood’s radar instantly. In doing so she aroused curiosity, interest about Eritrea.

In the last 20 years, Eritrea received unprecedented undeserved negative attention. The vilification campaigns waged against Eritrea has been relentless. Major part of the campaign was directed at Eritreans in the Diaspora. It was meant to cripple their resolve. However, the long struggle for independence is foundation impossible to nudge.

The Tiffany Haddish story therefore, is the untold story of Eritrea that the world is yet to see, hear and experience. It is the story of resolve, resilience, perseverance, struggle and victory. It is the outcome of a struggle that Eritreans waged from all around the world as one. It is an example that the world can learn from. That is, when people are connected by a cause; no distance, time or obstacles can stand on their way.

Tiffany Haddish is a blessing, inspiration and incredible talent. Her late father Tsihaye Reda Haddish must be beaming with happiness knowing that he bestowed the love for her country, people and heritage. It is obvious that he loved Eritrea and expressed it with incredible affection that motivated Tiffany to travel all the way to Eritrea. Her Eritrean dress in the Oscars was the icing that seared her queenly image. 

Thank you Tiffany for the smile you bring to the world.

NBCUniversal Summer Press Tour, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Mar 2017
Tiffany Haddish